lundi, décembre 12, 2011

Old-Timer in the mud

On yesterdays hike we found this on the field trail:

A piece from an old vinyl record. It was so dirty we couldn't even identify what content it had.
Well, yes, Vinyl disks were mortal. I grew up with them but unfortunately, never belonged to those people who would softly pull them out their jacket, play them with all due care and then immediately put them back into first the paper wrap and then the jacket. Never touching the surface of course, holding only the sides.

Once I pulled a disk out, it finished its short life astray on the carpet, together with other records. If I was forced to clean my room, I just piled them up in some corner. Quickly they had so much scratches and holes that they sounded like vintage recordings from the ninetieth century. Leaving them in sun-rays also gave them funny shapes...

To me, Invention of CD's was some kind of relief. CD's are not immortal too, despite of what it was told, but they are at least a little bit more tolerant. 
For all those who treated their vinyls well, emerging of Digital Disk was not really welcomed. It threatened their huge collection of so much cared Vinyls. "I even can't stand the clac-clac sound when folks finger trough them CD's in a shop" said a friend of mine. He really has a big collection of Vinyls and he did always took much care of it. 
It may be a bit of solace to him and all Vinyl Lovers that Audio-CDs themselves were just a byway in evolution. MP3 is on the best way to reduce CD's to a collectible item for special interest-people, too.

3 commentaires:

Feronia a dit…

I remember vinyls very well. We didn't even have a record player with an automatic arm - you had to place the needle on the record yourself. :)

Sefarina a dit…

Mit Schallplatten bin ich auch noch aufgewachsen, und mit Kasetten.
Mit CDs bin ich irgendwie nie so warm geworden, aber mp3s find ich dafür absolut klasse.

Bei solchen Funden würde mich immer die Geschichte dazu interessieren.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Feronia: Same here: We didn't have an automatic arm. I did it manually and added scratches every time.

@Sefarina: Ja, Mp3 bsind in jedem fall bessr als CDs - die Geschichte hinter dem Plattenfragment täter mich auch interessieren, vor allem wie und warum es auf diesem einsamen Feldweg landetete...