lundi, décembre 24, 2012

Seasons Greetings

Wheter you do Christmas, have already celebrated Yule, observe any other Holliday or do none at all, I wish you a happy time. I'd like to thank all my readers here for following my blog and for all the fine comments you took the time to write during all the year. It means a lot to me. May you all be well.

mardi, décembre 18, 2012

Calming down

Things are going on pretty smooth. I've done all the Yule tasks to do and there will be no other meeting at my Job Office in Remiremont until the first January Week. So I have the time to dedicate myself fully to my projects, as there are mainly the "Merula Dawn" Film and the  "Kennedys Vendetta" Book. But oddly enough, I catch myself every here and there drawing too fast, to quickly and not taking my time.

I am restless, under a pressure which in fact, isn't there for real, and I don't know how to get rid of it. I want to be calm. I want to draw slowly and with care, in order to do *good* art.
So why am I so damn nervous?

I also get upset for every little shit, I am moody and restless.

There are several drawings now which I'll need to redraw, simply because they were done in a too great hurry and hence not good. This is annoying. I hope I will innerly settle down in the coming days.

mercredi, décembre 05, 2012

First month over

The first month with my Job is over. 
It has been a positive experience so far. My two colleagues are very nice. Both are very skilled in their own field and the three of us have basically the same idea on what our project should look like and this is a good thing.

We have managed to do all the preparing job so far and will probably go "out in the fields" this month.

Only problem is the heavy Vosgian Winter that makes travelling very uncomfortable. I had a hard time on the icy roads when I came back from work last Monday. The crest that separates Remiremont from my area is infamous for being very dangerous at winter. And it is.

Aside of that, I have some commission work to do, gives me some additional bucks. And of course, I am working on my projects, The Merula Dawn Film and "Kennedys Vendetta". Both Projects being still as exiting and thrilling to me, since I began them.

In the same time, there are preparing for the holidays to be done. Fortunately, I already have bought and packed up all Yule Gifts. But there are still a lot of things to do. 

jeudi, novembre 15, 2012

Drawing Signore

...Its as hard as it was to learn to draw JFK.
But both are not as hard as Eleeanor Roosevelt.

Just like those of  JFK, the available Photos of Signore are from a wider timeframe, therefore his face changes from pic to pic.  On some of them, he's a bit chubby, on others very thin and sometimes he appears even pretty meager.  
I had to make a pick. This immediately narrowed the available choice.
I took the photos from his later days. There he looks best and after all, my story also features him in his last days, so no use to draw him as a youngster.

Fom a graphical point of view, this age is the most difficult. You can't render all his folds. It would make him look too old. But when I don't draw them at all, he looks too young. A balance is difficult to find.

But Signore also has his gifts for artists willing to draw him. Such as the fluffy white shock of hair on the top of his dark haired front. 
Especially in his elderly days, When he had let his hair grow, this teasing "mèche" does the same job as John F. Kennedys famed forelock. And then there's of course the - ahm - impressive italian nose. Makes him an immediatly recognizable Character. But still, he's extremely hard to draw. I'm pretty struggeling. 

Well, he doesn't have to match the real likeness up to 100 % after all. My book is fiction. Most people probably  won't mind  incohrences. But I truly wish I could render his gentle eyes and his heartwarming smile. Somehow. 

I manage to draw him fairly from a photo. But a fictional book requires new poses without any model, where he still should be reciognizable.

From a famed Photo.

Out from the Book: Feeling the danger.

For the Book. The ultimate moment.

dimanche, novembre 11, 2012

Dangerous characters

In my last post I mentioned the importance of avoiding any logic mistake when creating new facts and events that shall be part of the history in an alternate universe.

Another hot topic is the identity of the characters, especially when it comes to those inspired by real persons.
I try to keep as much as possible of the individual traits of historical figures.
Even tough they live in a different world where they have different lives, with different or altered events happening to them, they are still supposed to act according to their basic personality. Of course, the latter can only be guessed, despite of all research done.

Most of my character's real alter egos are dead by now and have the status of historical personalities. Artistic freedom lets me pretty much render each figure as I please, without the fear of negative consequences.

But in the storyline I told about in my last post, there's an exception:

This man's real model is actually still alive.
And he's not nice. Neither in my story, nor in reality. He's a murderer.

So for the first time I ask myself questions like:

Should I draw him in the way one can recognize him? Is it wise to use his real name?
As I said, he's a killer - and he was released from prison years ago hence theoretically, he could get me.

I know its very, very unlike that he gets aware of my book. My stuff has such a little distribution and is read by barely a handful of people. It's probably safe to assume that it will not make its way down to Italy and end up in the hands of this guy.

But what if it does anyway? There *are* such nasty coincidences, you know.
An then, if he doesn't like what he sees ?... And there are damn good chances he won't.
He may get upset and decides to give his former career a relaunch. he googles my adress, comes into my house and does on me what he did on Signore more than 30 years ago.

That would be oh so utterly uncool.
so what shall I do? pick up a fictive name, maybe an anagram? change his likeness? Or just keep name and look, because there's no reason he should make any exception. And after all, we are just talking about former Red Brigade members, not the fundamentalist supporters of a certain Religion. Said brigadists are probably not this easily offended by art.

Either way. If, after my book is out, my lead-filled body is found in the trunk of a car, please give police a hint by showing them this blog. Thanks.


samedi, novembre 10, 2012

Byways and Sidepaths

When working with a whole fictive Universe such as the World of Antique White House, you have to create much more than just the main Characters, a location where they live and what they do. You need to recreate a whole culture and history. In order to avoid any mistakes, I keep a history time-line with all major events, such as elected Presidents, wars, great discoveries, cultural exploits, inventions and so on. 

Each time I introduce a new fact, I first look how it fits on this time-line and therefore how it will interact with the existing facts.
A side effect of this way of working is that there are lot more facts and stories than there will ever be told throughout a book or a film. Byways and Sidepaths that may remain hidden for ever. 

Sometimes they can be included as tiny details. As an example, in the Merula Dawn Film: During the main titles, the camera focuses on the house-altar. A calendar on the wall changes from time to time, switching to another picture, hence showing 40 years passing by. Some of these pictures just display some animals; - mammoths, cave-lions and other typical americanian fauna.  And some also display historical scenes. Such as a Soldier in the time frame of the great European War. 
And  this one:

The thrilling part is that the picture is not spectacular, although it captures a dramatic moment. If only you could hear the spoken words. The events it refers to, also occurred in our world.
But none about it will be told in the Merula Dawn Film, so far. There, it's just one of the changing calendar pictures and will probably not even get much noticed by the spectator. 

I plan to tell more about the subject in a White House Book, tough. Since I have the feeling that I have something to say about it and a need to draw the main protagonists. 

A bad need, since I *should* get much more done in the NaNoWriMo where I'm involved, too.

I hope Signore will allow me some time for that...

lundi, octobre 29, 2012

I got a Job

From today on, I'm part of a pecular minority in our area:  I've got a job.
Vosgian state council has a book project and hired me  - and two other women - to do it.
but we were not hired as freelancers. We had to sign a working contract for six months and will get a monthly salary.
Thats a pretty new situation for me.
Since it is just a part time job, I will still have time to go on with my usual projects. Even tough it will of course take a lot of ressources and strenght.
the pay is fair. It will improve my financial situation at least for said six months.

The job will consist oft traveling trough the vosgian mountains, interact with poeple, making drawings and dress up a portrait of local scocial life.
Hopefuly that there is one...
There definitely is, says council, its just hidden and thats why we want you to turn what you see into a piece of art, a book with your drawings and the texts, articles of your fellow coworkers.

that sounds like a pretty fancy and elitary project -  and it is. the sort of thing only state would pay.
will there be another target audience than the members of the council ? asked a coworker.
of course, We all hope that it will appeal to every vosgian citizen answers counselor.
It may appeal to them, but I doubt that more than a few citizens will be able to buy it thinks me, but not this loud.

Anyway. I do know how lucky I am. I got a job as an artist. I'll get paycheks. I can work on my own rojects, too. I will have a fancy title in my bibliography. I may learn to overcome my scociophobia and be more able  to market my own books after that. I may make interesting contacts. And it will probably be an unique experience. So yes, yay!

lundi, octobre 22, 2012


Back from Arlon.

I'm back. There's not really much to report. It was as most nof the time at suche events, in other words, a total disappointment. I sold three items on Saturday and one on Sunday. The festival had some visitors, not the big masses, but enough to provide the artists on the neighbor booths pretty good sales. I for myself, was invisibe to the public most of the time. Sure, Those who noticed me and had a look at my work didn't spare with compliments and admiration but then always ended up by wishing me luck then turned away and bought the books on the next booth.

Really, I wish they'd say my work is big shit, for a change. And most above all, I wish they'd say WHY they think its shit. At least, I would finally know the reason for being the eternal looser. I may not be able to change or improve anything, but at least, I would know.

Until then I can't but make guessings.

For one, I noticed that classical drawn adventure stories are pretty out of fashion, unless its very classic lord of he ring look-a-like, all with elves, swords and magicians.
What sold well was funny humour, mostly sexist one. Even  female readers took delight on poorly drawn cartoons making fun of overweighted girls who could't "get any" or women too old to be attractive  and bought these books spontaneously. the argument that comics are male dominated and therefore targeted at a male audience is no longer valid.
Its obvious that this is no longer "my world" and I don't think that will attend Arlon another year again. 

jeudi, octobre 18, 2012

Arlon 2012

Tomorrow I will leave for Arlon, Belgium, to attend the Comic Festival that takes place this Week-End. You may remember that Arlon in the last year was a big failure, mainly due to the car-breakdown. Also, the sales were poor. But I also did meet my actual Film Producer there, so after all,  it wasn't a total failure.

Anyway. I will give it another try this year. To prevent Car-Nightmares, I'll take the train. I just have to drive to Epinal Railwaystation. Hopefully, the car will make at least that...

Speaking of nightmares. an often returning, unpleasant dream I have is the follow: I am at a fair and want to install my booth. Then I get aware that I totally forgot to take any book  / artwork/ DVD with me! People are coming in the hall and I am standing here with nothing to display. I then try to figure out how much hours I will loose if I jump back in my car and drive home, catch my stuff and return to the show. Often in such dreams, I am in a far away location, so that I would have to drive for 6 hours and more.
I really hope this never gets true. I check my bags often to see if I really got anything packed in. In the other hand, I really dont want take too much with me. Since I travel by train, that means that there's a lot of bag carrying involved. Heavy stuff. And for what?  No need to take 20 Books with me when I presumably will sell at most 2 copies.

Of course, there is still this silly part of hope involved. What if things are different *this time*? What if I sell 10 and more copies and end up with no stuff even before the show is over? My back and my optimism are fighting hard against eachother when packing.

However, keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck!

lundi, octobre 08, 2012


Since my last post I did some efforts in meditation and general slow-down of pace and I can say tht it yieldet in some success. I had dreams with JFK, one of them really thrilling and wonderful. All my dreams have been enhanced and  seem to be more meaningful again. It really rewards doing some spiritual work.
Of course, the season helps too, days are getting shorter and veils getting thinner in the mist of autumn.

We are eating a lot of pumkins now, as well as the last zukes and beans from the gardens. Its a time of plenty and good food.

I am also preparing the Trp to Arlon, where I will attend the big Comic Fair of October 20 / 21. I am taking the train this time, because I really don't feel like dealing wioth another car-breakdown like last time. Car isn't any younger this year, anyway.
But I am happy I could get the same Hotel as last year. Its not exactly a Hotel-Room, but a regular little Appartment with a little kitchen where I can cook food bought at the nearby discounter. This lowers the expense considerably.

samedi, septembre 22, 2012

JFK and me

I get aware that I didn't write about JFK here, since a long time. You Know, JFK, my muse, my spiritual friend. I did not have many Dreams and connections with JFK these past months. And I did not draw him very often. I always had other drawing jobs to do. More "important ones".

So now, approaching the 8 year of our bond, we are like an old couple sharing occasional "Hi, how are you? Good? ok, bye!" and otherwise, trying to avoid each other or any deeper discussion.

This isn't good. Absolutley not.

Asked which reasons had led to our situation, JFK blames it on the lack of time we pass together, meaning me drawing him or meeting him on meditaive travellings. "What you feed will live and what you starve will die."

I am very much afraid I'm starting to loose myself in my daily struggle to work on what "will hopefully pay" and therefore "get us out of here".

I have to change some things, really.

mercredi, septembre 19, 2012

Fake testimonial

On there's a funny trend: More and more People offer to record testimonials for a product as a video. Well, why not, but if it is to pretend that it's a *real* testimonal - and not some guy who did it for a pay, then its kind of a scam.

So I decided to hire somebody and create a video which should make it clear that it's a fake, but fun anyway:

samedi, septembre 15, 2012

The other side

Some of you may have already noticed it: I startet a second blog, as well as a second youtube channel.

I felt the need to split the different aspects of my work and my life into different platforms. Let's just say that the audiencde of the Georgie Films is not necesserly the same as the audience of films like this. So if you are into one but not the other, just ignore the side you dislike. And if it happens that you like both, watch and read all!

I don't know if that makes any sense on a long term, let's see.

dimanche, septembre 09, 2012

Arte Binningen.

Arte Binningen  is an art fair that takes place near Basel since 20 Years.
A booth there would be way too expensive for me. But they have what they call an "art market" where Artists can display affordable art, i.e little originals, for free. Under the condition that their application is aproved by a Jury.

Well, I applied and this morning, got an email that the Jury has choosen me !

I don't know how much, if any, I will sell of my art there. But being part of the show is already a very cool thing.

dimanche, septembre 02, 2012

Nothing really new here.

I don't feel really well, altough I am very busy. In fact, I am so busy because more than ever, I am driven by the desire to "finally make it".  Every evening I am frustraded because I spent the day with true hard working without the slightest success or achievement.

At least my mom and Benni are a lot better.

lundi, août 27, 2012

Fair in Vittel

Yesteday I attended a Postcard Collector's fair in Vittel. I was so exhausted from the past days that I didn't really look forward for it. But well,  the booth was already paid and since Vittel ist just about 40km away from my village, I gave it a try.

The whole morning, I didn't sell a single item and worse, People didn't even look at my stuff. I was deeply frustrated and sweard it would be my last fair attending ever.

At afternoon, more "normal" people came in, in addition to the collector-Freaks that were here since the opening of the hall.
The Kids were pretty seduced by my Ipad on the booth that looped the"Vosgian Beast" Video and blackmailed their parents into buying them a copy. This was a cool experience, because it was the first time I presented the film via the Ipad and it was nice to see that it works. I didn't make a fortune yesterday but after deducing my expenses, there are 20 Euros gained.

On a fair with more visitors, especially visitors with Kids, I will probably be able to be more successful.

My Booth. The table was not really big, but well...

This little dog belongs to a seller I already know from past fairs. Yesterday, The guy just passed me the dog over to hold it while he wandered trough the hall...

jeudi, août 23, 2012


I didn't  expect to harvest this much big pumpkins this year.

Pumkin plants started a bit poor with very few flowers which took long to get fertilized. So I am a bit amazed that I ended up with 4 big pumkins and a lot of medium and lmittle ones. Fine.

I'm doing a lot of work these days. My mom and Benni are both better so I can spend more time on my projects. 

samedi, août 18, 2012

Das Müll-Orakel

Well, here's about the new project. But Text is in German, since the project is too.

Tarot und Orakelkartensets. Ich habe schon viele selber gemacht, meist für den eigenen Gebrauch und bei Befragungen für Kunden.

Nun ist nach Wochen intensiver Arbeit wieder ein neues dazu gekommen. Allerdings ist es etwas...äh...anders.

Das Müll-Orakel.

Ziemlich schräg und vor allem frech. Aber es funktioniert. Recht gut sogar!  Und man kann es bestellen!
Näheres hier:
Vergesst nicht, unten den "like" Button zu drücken...Verteilt den Müll in alle Winde ;-)
Wollen wer mal sehen, wie so ein Anti-Tarot ankommt.

vendredi, août 17, 2012

Lots of incidents

I haven't posted for a while. This is due to the amount of incidents and unecceptected occurings I had in the past days and weeks.
I will make it short:

* My mom had a falling accident and broke the other foot. She had to go to hospital for surgery. She could leave by now and is at home in basel. I will go take her back to France By the end of next week.

* My cat Benni tried to pass trough the broken glass window of our main door and injured himself badly. He  had a surgery, too. He's better and on Tuesday, the Vet will tear off the threads.

* My car broke down Wednesday. Some employee from the thermal institution had to drive me home. And yesterday I could not attend my last cure day.  Car was fixed today.

Frankly, I am pretty exhaust.

Nevertheless I also worked a lot and will be able to present a brand new finished project right here in a few time. So stay connected.

mardi, juillet 31, 2012


I am on my thermal cure for 3 days now. I skipped today, because we had to drive to Epinal for our monthly shopping. The director of the institution wasn't happy and barely allowed me to make a cut. But I had no choice. Attending the cure at morning and doing the shopping afternoon would have been too much exhausting for me. Because this cure *is* really exhausting.

I dunno if I am blasphemous here, but I'm wondering how much  - or if at all - such a cure really does work.
Yes, it actually feels good.  I do enjoy these hot baths, hot mud, the underwater-showers and massage treatments. But is there an effect beyond having fun, feeling comfortable and meeting other people to whom you can talk about your pains and problems?

Okay, it's paid by health insurance, so one would expect that success is tested. Is it really? Or is it merely a fashion from the 19 century,  when elder ladies who had enough money offered themseves 3 weeks out of the house, away from the husband, getting a bit spoiled? Is Health Insurance just paying because Cures should no longer be a privilege of the rich ones?

 The other alternative, questionning the effectiveness of the cure, would ruin the business of thermal stations which is probably more destructive and expensive than to pay for ineffective cures.

Don't get me wrong: I don't want to say, that it IS ineffective. And again, I enjoy the treatments. Even if, to be honest right now, I have more back pain than before. (??)

I just would like to know what is the part of proven science here and what is the believing part.

Does anybody have experience in the matter, maybe some parents who go to thermal cures?

mercredi, juillet 18, 2012

After the strike

We are fixing all the damages done by the thunderstorm and the lightning step by step. the telephone line has been repared and I have ADSL and Phone again. All things taken into account, we were pretty lucky - at least compared to most of the neighbors. Our neighbor next door still doesn't have internet.

I attended the doctor this morning and we fixed my Thermal cure to begin at the end of the month. That means that I have to go to Bains every day for 3 weeks: Hot thermal baths, massages and getting buried into mud - things like this. They hope to comfort my back this way as well as fighting against the osteoporosis.

When I came back I found the time to work a bit in the garden and around the house. It was one of the rare sunny days, so I had to take advantage of it.
I'm harvesting plenty of Zukes these days. They seem to mostly grow at night. Tiny things in the evening and big pricks next morning.
Gardening is really an important balance for me. It would do me no good to work on the computer or drawing in a seat all day.

Speaking of work, Film is going on, too. At the beginning of the month, I was in Metz where I met the film Producer and a bunch of people who will collaborate on the project. But it came out that I have to change the video format I was using. I created an output of HDV 720, but this is too tiny. The distributor wants cinema format. 
Therefore I am re-working all the yet finished scenes. I have to redraw some elements, mostly of the background. Cinema format also means that I really have to avoid the slightest error. TV-Screens are very forgiving when it comes to little errors and impure drawings, due to their low resolution. A Cinema theater will expose every tiny mistake in a cruel and merciless way. The whole producer thing is great, but in the same time it puts me under a great pressure.
Still its an exciting and wonderful endeavor.

samedi, juillet 07, 2012


I'm not sure how to begin this. It was saturday, a week ago. Mom and I watched TV. There was a thunderstorm outside. I didn't perceive it as particulary strong or fierce or whatever. I went into the kitchen to boil me up dome water for a tea. Then: An enormeous blast. All blinding white light in the rooom, I felt like being thrown backwards by a force that seemed to come out of the wall. My mom came running in, crying and screaming, repeating that she was so grateful I was alive. Well, I still didn't get what actually happened. A nuclear strike? At least it felt like that. Whole house started to stink of burnt plastic and cables. We looked around to see if there was a fire, but didn't find one. I stepped outside. So did a lot of the neighbors. Mrs Whitebeard pointed her finger at the house next to mine. The roof had a big fat hole in it, the ceilings broken and widespread all around or broken on the ground. A deep, straight vertical crack in the wall where once the telephone cable was installed. The lightning went down here, Mrs. Whitebeard said. On the street dozens of debris. All these boxes mounted on the poles that held the telephone cables had exploded. Every one, all the street long. I went back in the house. No power, no electric light. Should have guessed so. Then I found the source of the stink: our in-house telephone line was burnt. The plugging station was in pieces. Torn appart and melted. Okay. So lightning struck the neighbors house and then, using the telephone net, destroyed the lines and devices in all the neighborhood. Some people could restore their power quickly. Not us. So our direct neighbor helped us out by dragging a long csble into our house, so we could use his power. For a little light and cooking. This was extremely nice of him. Next day workers came and fixed electricity. Telephone line should be fixed next monday. Meanwhile I go online with my Ipad and a prepay 3G SIM card. Several of our devices are heavily damaged. No TV. It came as a miracle that my Computer hasn't took more than an USB port blewed up. Insurance is informed. Step by step damage will be fixed and things can be replaced. What lasts is the psychological fallout: I used to be not afraid of thunderstorms. Now I am. Fuck, yes It scared out the shit of me and I will hide under the bed next time. Because its not true that lightning always goes for church towers. It can decide to just destroy a house randomly, without apparent reason. Fortunately, said house is currently empty. The owner has moved into a home for elderly people. Damages within the house itself are considerable and I doubt that a person there in during impact would have gotten away without any injury.

mardi, juin 19, 2012


Almost one year ago, I was sent by my professional counselor to Metz, in order to meet the responsible of Lorraine State Film departement, for some advice and help regarding the distribution of the Bête des Vosges Film and my Film work in general.

The lady there mostly said to me: "Get a producer."
Hell, In no way I intended to follow that advice.

Look, I've been there.
Not with Film Producers, but with book publishers. Same thing. I know how that works. Or better: How it doesn't work.
I am way too old now to spend my physical, financial end emotional energy in writing hundreds of applications and then dealing with all the rejections or the lack of response. This energy is far better being put into creative work itself. Even if, and this is true too. You don't get far as an artist on your own. Festivals, Distributors, Reviewers - most of them will ignore you. Because people don't take art serious unless it has been legitimated by a third party, such as a publisher or a producer.
On July 2, I will be in Metz again. Meeting the producer who will procuce the Merula Dawn" Film. I didn't find him. He found me.   Sometimes Life insists on certain details.

mercredi, juin 13, 2012

Rain and strawberries

My mom is in Basel during all month for medical reasons and so I am here all alone. I spend most of my days working and occasionally driving the carless neighbor into town.
Benni has got a flu recently and I had to take him to the vet. He's already a lot better now.
In spite of the cold and rainy weather, the plants outside grow georgously well. Really, I don't want to brag ;-) but my strawberries are regular giants, this year.
And the pumpkins - all of them - are doing well to, some even grow their first buds.
In general these first buds and flowers are not the ones who finally get fertilized, but it's a good sign when they show up so early.

jeudi, mai 31, 2012

A candy at Sefarinas Blog!

Sefarina does wonderful, handcrafted paperworks, such as hand made sketchbooks, sheets and other kind of unique items with different kind of papers. I own some of her work and I can therefore tell about the quality of it !
Now she is offering one of her work to the reader who has the luck to be the one being chosen at the draw she will perform. Just follow the simple rules and you are in !


mardi, mai 29, 2012

JFK's Birthday

Again it is JFK's birthday. A most cherished observance in my personal Wheel of the year. The day also marks the beginning of the Midsummer-Season. (From May 29 to June 21, Festival of Litha, or Summer-Solstice.)
Midsumer is a time of mellowness, joy and ideas. It is also a time when everything  seems to be ephemeral and inconsistent. Thoughts, Ideas and dreams come and go, like the butterflies that flutter trough the meadows in the endless daylight. The cricket sing, the sky is deep blue, but distant thunder annouces weather-changing already.  Nothing is for real, but oh so much inspring. A season ruled by the elment air.  All things are fugacious and pass away before they are even here. Even vegetables and other food seem to decay faster than usual.
Midsummer is the opposite of the Mourning-Season (from November 1 to November 22)

I wish you all a happy Midsummer!

dimanche, mai 27, 2012

Dead of a hard-drive

I was full of plans for yesterday. I wanted to work in the garden and on the houseyard. Wonderful weather and so much to plant and weeds to pull out and Wood to be stocked in the barn.

While being at breakfirst, the Computer that was alrerady running, suddendly shut down. I wanted to restart it, but boot failed.
Nasty Error Mesage.
I called the PC Shop that, 5 months ago, sold me this *new* machine. They said, I should bring the PC to them. Of course.
So instead to go out in the garden, I packed the PC into the car and went on the 1 hour long way to Remiremont, where the Computer Workshop is located.
On my way, I entered into Remiremont with 57 kmh instead of 50. Some shitty machine saw it and popped up a big red display telling me the expensive consequences. Great!  Already had one like that last month. They are serious in France now, about mining the whole country with these electronic traps.

Do you know this feeling, when you feel like a victim, despite of the facte that you aren't one, of course. It was my resposibility to drive at low speed. But I was so much distracted from the PC Problem and I wasn't even ready to do a drive that day....

It took 3 hours at the Computer Shop for them to find out that the new and "so much powerful" Hard Drive  was dead and probably corrupted since it left the factory. Luckily, all my files are stocked on 2 other hard drives which were not affected.
So they replaced the dead thing with a classical drive, until I will get a new of these "extra wonderful" Drives from the factory. Okay, it's all still under warranty, at least one thing....

Now I am reinstalling all my programs. And try to replace all the lost things I had stored on the C/drive...

dimanche, mai 20, 2012

Nightmare on our street

I thought I would write another couple of thoughts regarding JFK in this post, but well, I much more feel to write about what happened today in my village. Some of you may have got a glimpse on my Facebook Entries.

I was not even there. I am currently in Basel, waiting for a damn parcel to be *finally* delivered in order.

My mom called me and was very anxious, almost in panic and told me that the house of the asshole-neighbors was on fire. I told her that there's nothing I can do from Basel and that she should call the Firefighters. I then heard that she saw our other Neighbor, Mrs. Whitebeard, and that the latter already did call for the firefighters.
I should mention that we had a fire in an apartment almost 30 years ago, hence my mother has an extreme fear of fires since.
She then mailed me what happened in a 5 minutes rhythm and send me the photos she shot with her Iphone via Dropbox. The Pictures are indeed impressive.
The Firefighters were in action for hours. When the fire finally was under control, Everybody could see the huge damage that was done. Half the roof is gone and what remains of it is probably not stable anymore.

The neighbors packed and prepared to move out.

Well, this was not unexpected. Or better: I KNEW this would happen one day. It's not the first time Firefighters had to come for them and it was only a matter of time when their tremendous lack of responsibility and their careless egoism would lead to a Drama. But when it happens for real, then you are shocked, despite of the fact you expected it.

Things worsened in the past days. Some weeks ago, one of the women in this household tried suicide - EMT had to come and save her. Last Friday, their Dog started to bark from 5:00 AM for 10 hours without a break, what is a clear sign that trouble is going on inside the house. So it was in the air.

I know, its terrible, but under the pressure of the Motorcycles and the eternal barking dog I was somehow desperately hoping that "the day" would finally arrive. I dunno. We may have some time of calm ahead us until their insurance will pay them the repairing of the house. If insurance they have. And if so, if they accept to pay, because there's a great chance that the fire was caused by one of their illegal activities, such as burning waste on the backyard, using fuel to make the fire grow.

jeudi, mai 17, 2012


Since JFK's birthday is approaching, I will post some thoughts about him and me in the next days.

What most amazes me after all these years, is that drawing him is still as exciting as it was  in the first time of our "connection". I must have drawn him in more than a hundred ways since, but picking up the pencil and starting to do the typical lines is still as thrilling as in the beginning: There's heart-beating, emotion and fears involved, fears that I may fail. But also joy, pleasure and enchantment. He's a highly addicting drug. I guess it's the job of a muse to be this way, but still, to me, its amazing.

I'm aware of the great gift this represents. I know people who ruin themselves and their families by spending their little social welfare income for alcohol and cigarettes and justifying it with "One must have a little pleasure, after all". I despise this, but I shouldn't.  My addiction doesn't cost me a dime, is not destructive, but creative and it increases my health instead of ruining it. But I didn't choose it, it's not my merit.  I simply was lucky enough JFK noticed me.

dimanche, mai 13, 2012

Finding the time...

A lot to do in the garden and the houseyard now ; my hands and fingers are full of scratches and holes, which makes the drawing job painful, sometimes.

I still have to drive a lot also, because my Mom had to return to Basel, see the doctor and then came back. If somebody asked me where's my primary residence, Basel or Harsault, I'd respond "Motorway A35 Paris-Lyon".

I really hope I'll meet the deadline and can finish "Le secret du 13 étage" by end of may. I'm adavancing quite well, but with all the other things to do, it's a race against time.

And last but not least, I hope I really will find time to settle down enough to celebrate JFK's Birthday on May 29. I already almost missed Beltane, Did only a little celebration and did not brought the attention to it I wanted.
May 29 is an important observance for me, as you may guess. Not only JFK's Birth is honred, its also the day that marks the beginning of my personal Midsummer-season which is from May 29 until June 21 (Litha). The Midsummer season is a special and wonderful time, with its never-ending daylight, the mellow feeling, the clear skies and all the gifts of Nature like Strawberries and Rasperries.

lundi, avril 30, 2012


Thank you for your good wishes! We are trough now - at least for the hardest part. My mom was released from the hospital this morning and we drove home to France. The surgery went very well. My mother said that due to the professionality and the kindness of the surgery staff and the nurses, the whole thing was even a good experience. Only problem was that she apparenty had a very nasty roommate:  an old and bitter lady who obviously is  a master of intrigues and took pleasure to torment others wherever she could.
The two or three glimpses I could take confirmed that impression. Last night, my mom said to the nurses that hospital was lucky she (my mom) could kill nobody, but others in the same circumstances certainly would.  After that they moved the old beast out of her room ;-)

So now she is pretty happy to be home again with her own bed and room.
Of course, she is still very immobile due to her foot and I have to do a lot for her - which is not a problem. Next Wednesday I have to go for the mothly-shopping in Epinal and then, drive back to Basel in order to get the other monthly-things done. So its not exactly time for me to rest yet, but hardest part is over.

In the same time, weed is growing in the garden and I can't be there to pull it out and do the other gardening jobs. Grr!

jeudi, avril 26, 2012

What a week!

Its a very busy and also hard week. My mom had to go trough a surgery on her foot. The surgery took place this morning, all went well.
During the same time, I had to drive home from Basel to France, because I could not leave the animals alone any longer. On the way home I attended the public service building in Weil-am-Rhein in order to deliver all the documents I had collected for my new Identity card. The person there was as nice in real as via Email. She also agreed to insert my Artists Name KENNEDY on my card, which is actually pretty cool. I'm looking forward to get that card after 4 weeks.

At home I found my cats and the rabbits in good health.
But not so our old freezer: It is dying a painful, slow death since days now and will probably collapse soon. Well, we had ordered a new one. Delivery will be tomorrow. Another reason why I had to rush home.Then, on saturday I will drive back to Basel. On Sunday I will travel to Lausanne where I attend a Postcard-Fair. And then, on Monday, I will pick up my mom and we will go home together. As I said: Busy days!

vendredi, avril 13, 2012

Back home

Since 2 days, I'm back home from Basel. It was not my happiest stay there, but okay...file it under "shit happens".
At my return, I was glad to see that Minggy is a lot better. The medics helped and he is playing again. But now it's me that has a terrible cold...pain in the throat, caughing and all that. Brr!

Nevertheless, I can present you herewith my newest Georgie Film. Although a lot of you already saw it on Facebook.

mardi, avril 03, 2012

Post Cards

I'm currently in Basel, because  I attended a Post-Card Fair in Belfort last Sunday. Next Monday, there will be another one in Issenheim, so I spend a week here. Issenheim is better to reach from Basel and the longer stay gives me the opportunity to see Gaby again.
Nevertheless, I'd very much like to go home, right now. My mom told me that Minggy is not well, he has an Infection. She phoned the vet, and the doctor offered her to come to our house to see for Minggy, if the antibiotics we still have in reserve do not work.
So I know best is done for Minggy, still, I'd like to be near him.

Stupid Issenheim-Fair, I hope that thing will be worth the effort.

The Fair in Belfort wasn't overwhelming. I sold some cards, but not enough to cover my expenses.

In fact, Postcards used to be a good medium for graphic artists. Even in the pre-digital era, postcards were affordable to print. Nowadays, they are even more than affordable. There are many collectors out there who will buy them from you. Postcards are a way to make your work known.
But the collectors become fewer and fewer. On every fair I go and within the Club I'm in, most people are a LOT older than me. Scene is dying out. And most collectors now are only interested in old Postcards (pre1950ies) So were the people who came to Belfort.
But I made the experience that people who are into cats or collecting cat-things definitely buy my Georgie Cards. So I just hope that there are a few cat-lovers among the visitors in Issenheim, next week.

mercredi, mars 28, 2012

Alternate reality?

My passport is old and rotten, with coffee-stains on it. And most of all, it's expired. Since years. I can't believe myself that I got my health insurance renewed, my subsidies and my monthly financial help (R.S.A), crossing borders every month and all the other official things by only submiting this piece of dirt during all this time.

But this luck is over. My bank where I want to open a building savings account required that I present a valid passport to them - or an identity card, of course.

Well, obtaining a new passport would take me to travel to the German Embassy at Strasbourg and pay 80 Euros. And in addition to that, scratching together a lot of documents - most of them I've lost.

This is why I didn't do it all the time. But now, It can't be delayed any longer.
An Identity card would be a lot cheaper and I can get it at any German Passport Office of any German town, for German Embassy will not yet deliver Identity cards. That's good, because travelling to Weil am Rhein, our nearest German Town, is not so exepensive as travelling to Strasburg. And as I said, ID card is cheaper than passport. After all, ID card is all you need when you just move around in central Europe, like I do.

Remains the problem of the lost documents.  I had to contact the offices of 3 different German towns, The one where I got the German nationality in the 90ties, the one where I last lived when I was in Germany and of course, Weil am Rhein, where I will apply for the ID card.

I expected a hell of a nerve-killing trip - you know... public service.

But - all 3 towns responded to my emails quickly, friendly and helpful.  And sent me the documents I asked for.
Dealing with them was THIS pleasant I'm starting to ask myself if I'm still in the same universe. If I discover that chocolate has zero calories and  JFK was never murdered, then I definitely drifted away in an alternate reality during sleep.

vendredi, mars 23, 2012


Yes, spring has arrived here too and my forsythia is in full blossom. I'm working a lot outside - pulling weeds, preparing earth for new seeds.
In the same time I'll try to keep up with my work. Here, I have the feeling that I don't advance in any way. I have a deadline to finish "Le secret du 13 étage" by the end of April, but If progress is like now, I'll never meet that. Of course, garden working takes some of my time, but I guess it's especially because I'm so tired and exhaust afterwards that keeps me from working quicker. I'm still recoveering from the surgery and my allergy also strikes again, but this doesn't explain it all.
It's also, of course, because with the warm days, noise comes back too, the hooners, the yellings of the asshole neighbors, their constantly barking dog and that all. I'm trying hard to keep my strenght and try to enjoy sunshine despite of the fact that I'm afraid of it.

mardi, mars 13, 2012

Farewell to Flecki

After an painful night, I phoned the vet this morning and asked her to come for Flecki.
She had a big surgery to perform so she would only come at 1:30 PM. The whole morning was very, very hard for us all. Flecki was really ill, he couldn't walk anymore and obviously was in pain. I was under an extreme pressure. For one, I hoped that she would come quickly and in the other hand, I feared the moment for it is so irreversible.
I did an incense burning with the incense I bought at Dryades Garten in order to calm us and build an atmosphere where the otherworld and this world would be in balance.

Then the Vet came. She was very, very kind and gentle and all went well. Flecki felt asleep in my arms. When it was over, I felt a big relief, for I could feel how pain was finally over. My mom and me then took a walk out in the fields and after that, spent the afternoon watching a DVD. No ordinary work today. I'm still very sad, but I also feel that Flecki is well now. We will bury him tomorrow in our Garden's Graveyard.

He will be missed very much, tough.

samedi, mars 10, 2012


While I am jumping into my actual project, Issue#2 of Contes de la Maison Blanche, for which I reserved the months of march and April, my thoughts are sadly drawn away.

Its Flecki. Our currently oldest cat is getting weaker each day. 

To be honest, I knew he had "something" since a couple of time. He had blood in his poop. But since he showed no other signs of illness and obviously felt good otherwise, I decided not to start on him with force-feeding of medics, take him to the vet and all this. Because he extremely hates that. Its almost impossible even to apply these anti-parasit drops on him, for he would run away and hide days long under the bed. He even panics when I'm taking my own medics, in fear the pills could be for him.

He is not like Gribi who always accepted all the medics and enjoyed the moments of relief between two applications.
So I decided to let Flecki spend his last days in peace until he gets really bad and then, take a decision. This day is coming nearer. 
I'm not this close with Flecki I was with Gribi or Georgie, still, it hurts very much.

mercredi, mars 07, 2012

Winning and loosing

*Sigh*. I spent the last two days creating an application Video for a very fancy and popular art-fair in Basel. They asked for a visual application, so I did a Video. And guess what? Their response was positive. So jay! But then they sent me the PDF with the participation rules...and fees. Lowest price is 850 Swiss Francs.

Not my league, I'm afraid.

Well, I may reuse said application video for other occasions. After all, it's tested now and seems to work.  I'll probably only need to alter it a bit.

samedi, février 25, 2012

Back to work

Recovery goes on very well. I was out hiking every day since I'm home again, for fresh air and nature is what one misses the most when locked inside a hospital.
This and the food you're used to.
Hospital meals don't have the reputation of being particulary tasty anyway, but La ligne Bleue where I was in, really has one of the worst nutrition plans.
Especially for me, it was way too much caloric. Plain fat sugared jogurts, Meat twice a day, bread in addition of that and loads sugar here and there. Never had this much sugar since years now. Oh I missed my fat-free Jogurts and fromage blanc so very much. And the greasy Beef really doesn't meet my taste anymore.

So it was time that I came out - a week more and they had to carry me out of the building with a crane.

The surgery itself went very well. Even the awakening. Since they told me that "The way you go to sleep is the way you will wake up" I tried to be as calm as possible. Not easy. But the nurses were very nice and warm-hearted, they comforted me in such a gentle way that I drifted away in peace and woke up smoothly, without any panic or other weird reaction.

The second thing I most missed when in hospital, was to work on my films. Of course, I did some drawings and roughs, but this isn't the same. So I am so happy I can go on with my regular work, now.
While working on Merula Dawn, I more and more discover that doing the entire character within Anime-Studio is a good idea; At least for some scenes. Yes, it takes time and effort to "build" the character in the program, but drawing it on tracing paper - 100 and more times - then scanning the drawings in, color them and so on does even take more time. And the result is often hazardous.  If a figure moves too slow or too fast, your whole 100 drawings are waste. In Anime Studio you just adjust the keyframes on your timleine in order to correct an animation.

The Picture below shows a mixed technique. The man in the background was entrely done in Anime-Studio. The man on the foreground was traditionally hand-drawn.

I don't really feel comfortable by the tought that I may more and more drift into digital working, but in the other hand, what counts is the result - and also the time it consumes. We'll see where this will end.

mardi, février 21, 2012

I'm back

Just a short entry to sy that I'm out of the hospital. Unfortunately, the Wi-Fi Connection within the hospital didn't work, so I wasn't able to give any news. I came out this morning. The surgery went well. I have now a scar as if I'd had to be fixed after the explosion of a Bomb, but it's okay. More later. Just happy to be home again.

lundi, février 13, 2012


All is still frozen here. But it's warmer. The Fire Hydrant in the street already cracked and left a water-fountain running out wild...Good sign isn't it? But well, at least one good thing: Our Insurance will pay for the damages we'll probably have. I talked to them today and the emplyee who was very nice said that we shall call as soon as we know what's gone broken and then they'll open a case file. Meanwhile I do my packing for the hospital. I will take my little tablett with me and since there's Wi-Fi at the hospital, I may even go online, check the mails and read the blogs - even write an entry. And I can do some writing too, on stories, ideas and so on. This is very important to me. A little remain of my own world during these days that will be entirely dominatd by others. I think that this is one of the hardest parts with hospital stays: the complete lack of self-determination. But I also really do look forward for the time after the surgery, especially regarding my new shape. I imagine myself cycling and hiking under the sun in upcoming spring, all free of that burden that will no longer hang down on me then.

dimanche, février 12, 2012

Ice age

All our water piped are frozen close by now. It is scary on how much bottles of mineral waters we use each day. I will have to buy a new load on monday,to make sure my mom has enough while I'm in the hospital. I didn't had a lot of dreams with JFK lately. It is probably too cold, for spirits.

vendredi, février 03, 2012

Happy Imbolg

Yes, I am a bit late, Nevertheless, to all my readers: A happy Brighid's Festival!

The cold here really paralizes me. First thing I do when crawling out of bed into the icy cold is lighting up the fire in the oven. Last night, we had -15degrees. Water was frozen so I had to warm the pipes before I even could make me a coffee.

Yesterday I was at the hospital to fix the date for the next surgery and do all the paperwork for Hispital entries. Took all afternoon. So I will enter the hospital on February 14 and intervention will be on February 15.
The reason is a Hernia because of me carrying load too early after my last surgery...
But there's also another reason; It makes the Hernia partly a lucky thing.

When I lost all the weight, my skin didn't shrink at the same rate as did the rest of  my body. I don't want to go into disgusting details, but my Belly isn't a nice look. I never was a conceited person, really, but this is not just ugly, it's close to disfiguration. And it hinders me in my movements. Well, my Doctor said "We can remove that mess, while we are there". So the Hernia gets me a surgery I could never afford myself, what I'd have to, if it were just for that.

Of course, I'm afraid of the whole thing too, its a pretty big intervention and will leave a huge scar from up my chest down to where the sun doesn't shine. I hate the thought of all these days in Hospital, with all its pain and blood taking, the perfusion, the anesthesia and all that crap.  But I'm also looking forward for the time when it has healed and I will finally be so much more comfortable.

mardi, janvier 31, 2012


Now I got my new Computer and it does pretty well. It's a pleasure to work with all this power and WIN7 is pretty easy. Speeds up things.

Last week end I was at this little collectors Fair near Epinal. It was nice, I sold my work - not for a fortune -  but enough to make a gain. People there were also nice and entertaining so it was an overall cool experience. There are a lot of these little fairs around, I will now  try to attend as much as possible of them. On February 2, I will meet the doctor at the hospital and then we will fix the date for the next surgery and so I finally can make plans, knowing when I will be available and when not.

The great cold that crawls from the east toward west has reached us, too. I'ts not as icy as in some parts of Germany and eastern Europe, but its pretty tough. My house which is very badly isolated is a challenge. I heat the the oven early in the morning until late in the evening. The Kitchen isn't heated, going in there is like going outside.

Last night I had an odd dream: I looked up into the noght sky, saw the stars and suddenly, there was a big Mattress falling down from the Sky. I was a bit afraid it would fall on me, but it didn't.  It was a hight quality mattress. The kind I would like to have... Then a abath tub falled down, too. It was also of brilant quality and ver fancy.
Yeah, that is like it should be: Goodies falling out from the sky.

vendredi, janvier 27, 2012


I very well rememeber the Census in Germany of 1987. Tough I didn't live in Germany then. But the news reported daily of all the calls for boycott and the general hype and outrage people shared. As it was heard, Census takers even were attacked physically.

Therefore I was somehow exited when I heard that there would be a census here in France.  Would be my first one. Yesterday, the census taker was at my door. I didn't shoot her or beat her to death. Instead of that, I took the forms she handed me. I was all curious to see these questions that would make a "transparent citizen" out of me, such as "how many underpants do you have?" or "what is your hottest wet-dream?".
It was disappointing. Only some questions like "what study degree do you have"? "Hom many people do live in your household"? "How many rooms does your house have"? They didn't even ask my religion. Just  the kind of questions most online-forms ask when you want to open an account. I filled out the forms within 15 minutes and today, the census taker came and took them back.

1987 was another time.

jeudi, janvier 19, 2012

Last things - Kehraus

...on this Computer.
The last photo I have on my harddisk:

And sice I have nothing to work anymore, all files are on CD, I just pick up this tagging thing that Sefarina found. Its in German, therefore I'll answer it in German, too.

01. Schaust du das Dschungelcamp?
- Nein. Schon die Trailers und was man sonst so hört reichen für eine Woche Fremdschämen.

02. Dein größter Stolz in deinem Leben?
-  Dass ich aus Grossbasel stamme und nicht aus Kleinbasel. Ja, guckt nicht so - Stolz ist immer bescheuert, also wenn ich schon auf was stolz sein muss, dann auf etwas bescheuertes. 

03. Vor was ekelst du dich?
- Leute die auf den Boden spucken, Spucke allgemein, elige Laufkäfer, Nacktschnecken, Münder in Nahaufnahme.

04. Welches Handy hast du?
- Ein Iphone. Und ich liebe es.

05. Dein weitestes Urlaubsziel?
- Patagonien

06. Käse oder Fleischfondue?
- Beides, aber kommt für mich eh nur einmal im Jahr in Frage, Stichwort Figur.

07. Ein Film bei dem du weinen musstest?
- Geht niemanden was an. Der Gedanke dass jemand merken könnte, dass ich bei einem Film weine ist furchtbar und ängstigt mich. Ich zeige ungern meine Gefühle.

08. Wen vermisst du am meisten?
- Meine Grosseltern, einige verstorbene Haustiere.

09. Ein Kindheitstraum von dir, den du dir auch erfüllen konntest?
- Trickfilme machen.

10. Ein Vorsatz für 2012
- Noch effizienter arbeiten, produktiver sein.

11. Hast du ein Haustier? Wenn JA, was?
- 6 Katzen, 4 Hasen.

Und jetzt zu Sefarinas Fragen:

1. Kannst du tanzen?
2. Insekten: eklig oder faszinierend?
- Interessant. Stets entweder oder. Grillen und Schmetterlinge sind was wunderbares, aber der Rest...

3. Schreibst du noch Briefe von Hand?
- Ja.
4. Schon mal einen Baum umarmt?
- Ja.
5. Was hast du zuletzt gegessen?
- Ratatouille und ein Ei.

6. Gibt es ein Gemüse, das du nicht magst/verträgst?
- Diese Etampes-Kürbisse: Sind zwar schön, schmecken aber scheisse. (Andere Kürnisse liebe ich) 

7. Dein Lieblingsschriftsteller?
- fällt mir jetzt grad nix ein.

8. Würdest du gerne eine Fremdsprache lernen?
-Ja, bin aber jetzt zu alt dazu.

9. Haare färben?
- Find ich toll.

10. Wie viel Zeit verbringst du im Durchschnitt im Internet?
- Viel zu viel

11. Würdest du spontan mit einem Fremden einen Kaffee trinken gehn?
- hab ich schon mal gemacht.

mercredi, janvier 18, 2012

Moving Files

My Computer used to be pretty strong. Graphic work require a lot of  resources. Years went by and the requirements increased. Especially since I'm doing Films.

To make a long story short: my PC doesn't meet the requirements anymore. Its too slow, not strong enough. Its impossible to view a film that's longer than 30 seconds in a fluid mode when loaded into the editor.
Therefore, a huge hardware-upgrade had to be considered. As well as the passing from WINXP 32bit to WIN7 64bit.  I put together the savings I made from a fairly good Spreadshirt-Quarter and got me a good offer for an almost total replacement of all my Computer components. In fact, I only keep the case and my recently bought sound-card.
Friday I will drive to the shop who will do the job - hence I'm making backup-CDs of my files since a couple of days. Gee, I really wasn't aware on how many things got stored on my harddisk during time. CDs after CDs are produced. Will take time to load all this back,on the new PC, too.
Nevertheless, I'm looking very much forward for this upgrade. I hope that I will be able to work faster and better then.

dimanche, janvier 08, 2012

Into the new year

Right now I am in Basel spending some days of vacation - which doesn't mean I don't work, of course. I try to get all my projects on the way and boost my productivity. I have my first fair-attending on the last Week-End of January, on a collectors-convention in a little town next to Epinal. I don't know what it will yield, but at least, its not far away from me and Market-Stall fee is cheap.
On February 2 I have to see my Doctor again, in order to prepare the next surgery - for a supposed Hernia. This makes the planning for February difficult.
Until then, I try to not spend too much worries about that yet and being most busy instead.

lundi, janvier 02, 2012

Happy New Year

Well, I hope you all had a good New Year's Eve and a good start into 2012.

I don't know if I should write something like a personal 2011-review...

Best things that happened:

*Gaby came back into my Life.
*Minggy came into my life.
*Bête des Vosges DVD was done.
*Lune des Loups was done.

Worst things:

*Georgie died.
*Mom got ill with Herpers Zoster.
*I still didn't had the possibility to move into another home.
* Huge car problems.

Okay, guess that was it. I'm plenty of new energy for 2012 and will try my best to accomplish my goals.On January 4 I will go to Basel, spend a week of vacation.
I wish you a fine 2012!