mardi, janvier 31, 2012


Now I got my new Computer and it does pretty well. It's a pleasure to work with all this power and WIN7 is pretty easy. Speeds up things.

Last week end I was at this little collectors Fair near Epinal. It was nice, I sold my work - not for a fortune -  but enough to make a gain. People there were also nice and entertaining so it was an overall cool experience. There are a lot of these little fairs around, I will now  try to attend as much as possible of them. On February 2, I will meet the doctor at the hospital and then we will fix the date for the next surgery and so I finally can make plans, knowing when I will be available and when not.

The great cold that crawls from the east toward west has reached us, too. I'ts not as icy as in some parts of Germany and eastern Europe, but its pretty tough. My house which is very badly isolated is a challenge. I heat the the oven early in the morning until late in the evening. The Kitchen isn't heated, going in there is like going outside.

Last night I had an odd dream: I looked up into the noght sky, saw the stars and suddenly, there was a big Mattress falling down from the Sky. I was a bit afraid it would fall on me, but it didn't.  It was a hight quality mattress. The kind I would like to have... Then a abath tub falled down, too. It was also of brilant quality and ver fancy.
Yeah, that is like it should be: Goodies falling out from the sky.

vendredi, janvier 27, 2012


I very well rememeber the Census in Germany of 1987. Tough I didn't live in Germany then. But the news reported daily of all the calls for boycott and the general hype and outrage people shared. As it was heard, Census takers even were attacked physically.

Therefore I was somehow exited when I heard that there would be a census here in France.  Would be my first one. Yesterday, the census taker was at my door. I didn't shoot her or beat her to death. Instead of that, I took the forms she handed me. I was all curious to see these questions that would make a "transparent citizen" out of me, such as "how many underpants do you have?" or "what is your hottest wet-dream?".
It was disappointing. Only some questions like "what study degree do you have"? "Hom many people do live in your household"? "How many rooms does your house have"? They didn't even ask my religion. Just  the kind of questions most online-forms ask when you want to open an account. I filled out the forms within 15 minutes and today, the census taker came and took them back.

1987 was another time.

jeudi, janvier 19, 2012

Last things - Kehraus

...on this Computer.
The last photo I have on my harddisk:

And sice I have nothing to work anymore, all files are on CD, I just pick up this tagging thing that Sefarina found. Its in German, therefore I'll answer it in German, too.

01. Schaust du das Dschungelcamp?
- Nein. Schon die Trailers und was man sonst so hört reichen für eine Woche Fremdschämen.

02. Dein größter Stolz in deinem Leben?
-  Dass ich aus Grossbasel stamme und nicht aus Kleinbasel. Ja, guckt nicht so - Stolz ist immer bescheuert, also wenn ich schon auf was stolz sein muss, dann auf etwas bescheuertes. 

03. Vor was ekelst du dich?
- Leute die auf den Boden spucken, Spucke allgemein, elige Laufkäfer, Nacktschnecken, Münder in Nahaufnahme.

04. Welches Handy hast du?
- Ein Iphone. Und ich liebe es.

05. Dein weitestes Urlaubsziel?
- Patagonien

06. Käse oder Fleischfondue?
- Beides, aber kommt für mich eh nur einmal im Jahr in Frage, Stichwort Figur.

07. Ein Film bei dem du weinen musstest?
- Geht niemanden was an. Der Gedanke dass jemand merken könnte, dass ich bei einem Film weine ist furchtbar und ängstigt mich. Ich zeige ungern meine Gefühle.

08. Wen vermisst du am meisten?
- Meine Grosseltern, einige verstorbene Haustiere.

09. Ein Kindheitstraum von dir, den du dir auch erfüllen konntest?
- Trickfilme machen.

10. Ein Vorsatz für 2012
- Noch effizienter arbeiten, produktiver sein.

11. Hast du ein Haustier? Wenn JA, was?
- 6 Katzen, 4 Hasen.

Und jetzt zu Sefarinas Fragen:

1. Kannst du tanzen?
2. Insekten: eklig oder faszinierend?
- Interessant. Stets entweder oder. Grillen und Schmetterlinge sind was wunderbares, aber der Rest...

3. Schreibst du noch Briefe von Hand?
- Ja.
4. Schon mal einen Baum umarmt?
- Ja.
5. Was hast du zuletzt gegessen?
- Ratatouille und ein Ei.

6. Gibt es ein Gemüse, das du nicht magst/verträgst?
- Diese Etampes-Kürbisse: Sind zwar schön, schmecken aber scheisse. (Andere Kürnisse liebe ich) 

7. Dein Lieblingsschriftsteller?
- fällt mir jetzt grad nix ein.

8. Würdest du gerne eine Fremdsprache lernen?
-Ja, bin aber jetzt zu alt dazu.

9. Haare färben?
- Find ich toll.

10. Wie viel Zeit verbringst du im Durchschnitt im Internet?
- Viel zu viel

11. Würdest du spontan mit einem Fremden einen Kaffee trinken gehn?
- hab ich schon mal gemacht.

mercredi, janvier 18, 2012

Moving Files

My Computer used to be pretty strong. Graphic work require a lot of  resources. Years went by and the requirements increased. Especially since I'm doing Films.

To make a long story short: my PC doesn't meet the requirements anymore. Its too slow, not strong enough. Its impossible to view a film that's longer than 30 seconds in a fluid mode when loaded into the editor.
Therefore, a huge hardware-upgrade had to be considered. As well as the passing from WINXP 32bit to WIN7 64bit.  I put together the savings I made from a fairly good Spreadshirt-Quarter and got me a good offer for an almost total replacement of all my Computer components. In fact, I only keep the case and my recently bought sound-card.
Friday I will drive to the shop who will do the job - hence I'm making backup-CDs of my files since a couple of days. Gee, I really wasn't aware on how many things got stored on my harddisk during time. CDs after CDs are produced. Will take time to load all this back,on the new PC, too.
Nevertheless, I'm looking very much forward for this upgrade. I hope that I will be able to work faster and better then.

dimanche, janvier 08, 2012

Into the new year

Right now I am in Basel spending some days of vacation - which doesn't mean I don't work, of course. I try to get all my projects on the way and boost my productivity. I have my first fair-attending on the last Week-End of January, on a collectors-convention in a little town next to Epinal. I don't know what it will yield, but at least, its not far away from me and Market-Stall fee is cheap.
On February 2 I have to see my Doctor again, in order to prepare the next surgery - for a supposed Hernia. This makes the planning for February difficult.
Until then, I try to not spend too much worries about that yet and being most busy instead.

lundi, janvier 02, 2012

Happy New Year

Well, I hope you all had a good New Year's Eve and a good start into 2012.

I don't know if I should write something like a personal 2011-review...

Best things that happened:

*Gaby came back into my Life.
*Minggy came into my life.
*Bête des Vosges DVD was done.
*Lune des Loups was done.

Worst things:

*Georgie died.
*Mom got ill with Herpers Zoster.
*I still didn't had the possibility to move into another home.
* Huge car problems.

Okay, guess that was it. I'm plenty of new energy for 2012 and will try my best to accomplish my goals.On January 4 I will go to Basel, spend a week of vacation.
I wish you a fine 2012!