mardi, janvier 31, 2012


Now I got my new Computer and it does pretty well. It's a pleasure to work with all this power and WIN7 is pretty easy. Speeds up things.

Last week end I was at this little collectors Fair near Epinal. It was nice, I sold my work - not for a fortune -  but enough to make a gain. People there were also nice and entertaining so it was an overall cool experience. There are a lot of these little fairs around, I will now  try to attend as much as possible of them. On February 2, I will meet the doctor at the hospital and then we will fix the date for the next surgery and so I finally can make plans, knowing when I will be available and when not.

The great cold that crawls from the east toward west has reached us, too. I'ts not as icy as in some parts of Germany and eastern Europe, but its pretty tough. My house which is very badly isolated is a challenge. I heat the the oven early in the morning until late in the evening. The Kitchen isn't heated, going in there is like going outside.

Last night I had an odd dream: I looked up into the noght sky, saw the stars and suddenly, there was a big Mattress falling down from the Sky. I was a bit afraid it would fall on me, but it didn't.  It was a hight quality mattress. The kind I would like to have... Then a abath tub falled down, too. It was also of brilant quality and ver fancy.
Yeah, that is like it should be: Goodies falling out from the sky.

3 commentaires:

Sefarina a dit…

Also ich würd die Augen nach einem herunterfallenden Haus aufhalten und mir die Adresse aufschreiben ;-)

Hier ist es auch elend kalt, aber der Computer mags.

Feronia a dit…

Yes...goodies from the sky! I'd like that :) Stay warm Diana.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Sefarina, Gut, dass Dein Pc die Kälte cool nimmt. Manche spinnen ja wenn's kälter wird.

@Feronia Thanks - yes some things just should fall from the sky.