dimanche, janvier 08, 2012

Into the new year

Right now I am in Basel spending some days of vacation - which doesn't mean I don't work, of course. I try to get all my projects on the way and boost my productivity. I have my first fair-attending on the last Week-End of January, on a collectors-convention in a little town next to Epinal. I don't know what it will yield, but at least, its not far away from me and Market-Stall fee is cheap.
On February 2 I have to see my Doctor again, in order to prepare the next surgery - for a supposed Hernia. This makes the planning for February difficult.
Until then, I try to not spend too much worries about that yet and being most busy instead.

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Dryade a dit…

Na wie Urlaub hört sich das jetzt aber nicht an *lach* ...
Ich drück dir die Daumen das alles einen guten Weg geht!!
Liebe Grüße von der Dryade4