samedi, février 25, 2012

Back to work

Recovery goes on very well. I was out hiking every day since I'm home again, for fresh air and nature is what one misses the most when locked inside a hospital.
This and the food you're used to.
Hospital meals don't have the reputation of being particulary tasty anyway, but La ligne Bleue where I was in, really has one of the worst nutrition plans.
Especially for me, it was way too much caloric. Plain fat sugared jogurts, Meat twice a day, bread in addition of that and loads sugar here and there. Never had this much sugar since years now. Oh I missed my fat-free Jogurts and fromage blanc so very much. And the greasy Beef really doesn't meet my taste anymore.

So it was time that I came out - a week more and they had to carry me out of the building with a crane.

The surgery itself went very well. Even the awakening. Since they told me that "The way you go to sleep is the way you will wake up" I tried to be as calm as possible. Not easy. But the nurses were very nice and warm-hearted, they comforted me in such a gentle way that I drifted away in peace and woke up smoothly, without any panic or other weird reaction.

The second thing I most missed when in hospital, was to work on my films. Of course, I did some drawings and roughs, but this isn't the same. So I am so happy I can go on with my regular work, now.
While working on Merula Dawn, I more and more discover that doing the entire character within Anime-Studio is a good idea; At least for some scenes. Yes, it takes time and effort to "build" the character in the program, but drawing it on tracing paper - 100 and more times - then scanning the drawings in, color them and so on does even take more time. And the result is often hazardous.  If a figure moves too slow or too fast, your whole 100 drawings are waste. In Anime Studio you just adjust the keyframes on your timleine in order to correct an animation.

The Picture below shows a mixed technique. The man in the background was entrely done in Anime-Studio. The man on the foreground was traditionally hand-drawn.

I don't really feel comfortable by the tought that I may more and more drift into digital working, but in the other hand, what counts is the result - and also the time it consumes. We'll see where this will end.

mardi, février 21, 2012

I'm back

Just a short entry to sy that I'm out of the hospital. Unfortunately, the Wi-Fi Connection within the hospital didn't work, so I wasn't able to give any news. I came out this morning. The surgery went well. I have now a scar as if I'd had to be fixed after the explosion of a Bomb, but it's okay. More later. Just happy to be home again.

lundi, février 13, 2012


All is still frozen here. But it's warmer. The Fire Hydrant in the street already cracked and left a water-fountain running out wild...Good sign isn't it? But well, at least one good thing: Our Insurance will pay for the damages we'll probably have. I talked to them today and the emplyee who was very nice said that we shall call as soon as we know what's gone broken and then they'll open a case file. Meanwhile I do my packing for the hospital. I will take my little tablett with me and since there's Wi-Fi at the hospital, I may even go online, check the mails and read the blogs - even write an entry. And I can do some writing too, on stories, ideas and so on. This is very important to me. A little remain of my own world during these days that will be entirely dominatd by others. I think that this is one of the hardest parts with hospital stays: the complete lack of self-determination. But I also really do look forward for the time after the surgery, especially regarding my new shape. I imagine myself cycling and hiking under the sun in upcoming spring, all free of that burden that will no longer hang down on me then.

dimanche, février 12, 2012

Ice age

All our water piped are frozen close by now. It is scary on how much bottles of mineral waters we use each day. I will have to buy a new load on monday,to make sure my mom has enough while I'm in the hospital. I didn't had a lot of dreams with JFK lately. It is probably too cold, for spirits.

vendredi, février 03, 2012

Happy Imbolg

Yes, I am a bit late, Nevertheless, to all my readers: A happy Brighid's Festival!

The cold here really paralizes me. First thing I do when crawling out of bed into the icy cold is lighting up the fire in the oven. Last night, we had -15degrees. Water was frozen so I had to warm the pipes before I even could make me a coffee.

Yesterday I was at the hospital to fix the date for the next surgery and do all the paperwork for Hispital entries. Took all afternoon. So I will enter the hospital on February 14 and intervention will be on February 15.
The reason is a Hernia because of me carrying load too early after my last surgery...
But there's also another reason; It makes the Hernia partly a lucky thing.

When I lost all the weight, my skin didn't shrink at the same rate as did the rest of  my body. I don't want to go into disgusting details, but my Belly isn't a nice look. I never was a conceited person, really, but this is not just ugly, it's close to disfiguration. And it hinders me in my movements. Well, my Doctor said "We can remove that mess, while we are there". So the Hernia gets me a surgery I could never afford myself, what I'd have to, if it were just for that.

Of course, I'm afraid of the whole thing too, its a pretty big intervention and will leave a huge scar from up my chest down to where the sun doesn't shine. I hate the thought of all these days in Hospital, with all its pain and blood taking, the perfusion, the anesthesia and all that crap.  But I'm also looking forward for the time when it has healed and I will finally be so much more comfortable.