mercredi, mars 28, 2012

Alternate reality?

My passport is old and rotten, with coffee-stains on it. And most of all, it's expired. Since years. I can't believe myself that I got my health insurance renewed, my subsidies and my monthly financial help (R.S.A), crossing borders every month and all the other official things by only submiting this piece of dirt during all this time.

But this luck is over. My bank where I want to open a building savings account required that I present a valid passport to them - or an identity card, of course.

Well, obtaining a new passport would take me to travel to the German Embassy at Strasbourg and pay 80 Euros. And in addition to that, scratching together a lot of documents - most of them I've lost.

This is why I didn't do it all the time. But now, It can't be delayed any longer.
An Identity card would be a lot cheaper and I can get it at any German Passport Office of any German town, for German Embassy will not yet deliver Identity cards. That's good, because travelling to Weil am Rhein, our nearest German Town, is not so exepensive as travelling to Strasburg. And as I said, ID card is cheaper than passport. After all, ID card is all you need when you just move around in central Europe, like I do.

Remains the problem of the lost documents.  I had to contact the offices of 3 different German towns, The one where I got the German nationality in the 90ties, the one where I last lived when I was in Germany and of course, Weil am Rhein, where I will apply for the ID card.

I expected a hell of a nerve-killing trip - you know... public service.

But - all 3 towns responded to my emails quickly, friendly and helpful.  And sent me the documents I asked for.
Dealing with them was THIS pleasant I'm starting to ask myself if I'm still in the same universe. If I discover that chocolate has zero calories and  JFK was never murdered, then I definitely drifted away in an alternate reality during sleep.

vendredi, mars 23, 2012


Yes, spring has arrived here too and my forsythia is in full blossom. I'm working a lot outside - pulling weeds, preparing earth for new seeds.
In the same time I'll try to keep up with my work. Here, I have the feeling that I don't advance in any way. I have a deadline to finish "Le secret du 13 étage" by the end of April, but If progress is like now, I'll never meet that. Of course, garden working takes some of my time, but I guess it's especially because I'm so tired and exhaust afterwards that keeps me from working quicker. I'm still recoveering from the surgery and my allergy also strikes again, but this doesn't explain it all.
It's also, of course, because with the warm days, noise comes back too, the hooners, the yellings of the asshole neighbors, their constantly barking dog and that all. I'm trying hard to keep my strenght and try to enjoy sunshine despite of the fact that I'm afraid of it.

mardi, mars 13, 2012

Farewell to Flecki

After an painful night, I phoned the vet this morning and asked her to come for Flecki.
She had a big surgery to perform so she would only come at 1:30 PM. The whole morning was very, very hard for us all. Flecki was really ill, he couldn't walk anymore and obviously was in pain. I was under an extreme pressure. For one, I hoped that she would come quickly and in the other hand, I feared the moment for it is so irreversible.
I did an incense burning with the incense I bought at Dryades Garten in order to calm us and build an atmosphere where the otherworld and this world would be in balance.

Then the Vet came. She was very, very kind and gentle and all went well. Flecki felt asleep in my arms. When it was over, I felt a big relief, for I could feel how pain was finally over. My mom and me then took a walk out in the fields and after that, spent the afternoon watching a DVD. No ordinary work today. I'm still very sad, but I also feel that Flecki is well now. We will bury him tomorrow in our Garden's Graveyard.

He will be missed very much, tough.

samedi, mars 10, 2012


While I am jumping into my actual project, Issue#2 of Contes de la Maison Blanche, for which I reserved the months of march and April, my thoughts are sadly drawn away.

Its Flecki. Our currently oldest cat is getting weaker each day. 

To be honest, I knew he had "something" since a couple of time. He had blood in his poop. But since he showed no other signs of illness and obviously felt good otherwise, I decided not to start on him with force-feeding of medics, take him to the vet and all this. Because he extremely hates that. Its almost impossible even to apply these anti-parasit drops on him, for he would run away and hide days long under the bed. He even panics when I'm taking my own medics, in fear the pills could be for him.

He is not like Gribi who always accepted all the medics and enjoyed the moments of relief between two applications.
So I decided to let Flecki spend his last days in peace until he gets really bad and then, take a decision. This day is coming nearer. 
I'm not this close with Flecki I was with Gribi or Georgie, still, it hurts very much.

mercredi, mars 07, 2012

Winning and loosing

*Sigh*. I spent the last two days creating an application Video for a very fancy and popular art-fair in Basel. They asked for a visual application, so I did a Video. And guess what? Their response was positive. So jay! But then they sent me the PDF with the participation rules...and fees. Lowest price is 850 Swiss Francs.

Not my league, I'm afraid.

Well, I may reuse said application video for other occasions. After all, it's tested now and seems to work.  I'll probably only need to alter it a bit.