mercredi, mars 28, 2012

Alternate reality?

My passport is old and rotten, with coffee-stains on it. And most of all, it's expired. Since years. I can't believe myself that I got my health insurance renewed, my subsidies and my monthly financial help (R.S.A), crossing borders every month and all the other official things by only submiting this piece of dirt during all this time.

But this luck is over. My bank where I want to open a building savings account required that I present a valid passport to them - or an identity card, of course.

Well, obtaining a new passport would take me to travel to the German Embassy at Strasbourg and pay 80 Euros. And in addition to that, scratching together a lot of documents - most of them I've lost.

This is why I didn't do it all the time. But now, It can't be delayed any longer.
An Identity card would be a lot cheaper and I can get it at any German Passport Office of any German town, for German Embassy will not yet deliver Identity cards. That's good, because travelling to Weil am Rhein, our nearest German Town, is not so exepensive as travelling to Strasburg. And as I said, ID card is cheaper than passport. After all, ID card is all you need when you just move around in central Europe, like I do.

Remains the problem of the lost documents.  I had to contact the offices of 3 different German towns, The one where I got the German nationality in the 90ties, the one where I last lived when I was in Germany and of course, Weil am Rhein, where I will apply for the ID card.

I expected a hell of a nerve-killing trip - you know... public service.

But - all 3 towns responded to my emails quickly, friendly and helpful.  And sent me the documents I asked for.
Dealing with them was THIS pleasant I'm starting to ask myself if I'm still in the same universe. If I discover that chocolate has zero calories and  JFK was never murdered, then I definitely drifted away in an alternate reality during sleep.

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Sefarina a dit…

Ich muss gestehen, das deckt sich ziemlich mit meinen Erfahrungen, als ich meine ganzen Papiere zum Heiraten beantragen musste. Absolut problemlos, die aus Österreich wurden per Post zugestellt, alles ganz locker. Und ich habe zumindest ein mittleres Chaos was Papierkram anbelangt.

Schön zu hören, dass es auch über die Landesgrenzen gut funktioniert.

Wenn du trotzdem Null-Kalorien-Schoki findest hätte ich gerne die Ladenanschrift.

Feronia a dit…

Maybe it has something to do with the 'many worlds interpretation' of time, Diana? Glad you had some easy bureaucratic dealings! :)

Geier a dit…

Ups! Das erinnert mich daran, daß mein Personalausweis seit gut zehn Jahren abgelaufen ist - und mein Reisepaß mittlerweile auch, und ich mich eventuell beim Einwohneramt anmelden sollte - wenn ich nur nicht so ne Phobie vor Ämtern hätte...

Zachia a dit…

Die Bezugsadresse für die Null-Kalorien-Schoki hätte ich auch gern !;-)

l'actrice a dit…

So glad you had a good experience. Maybe you even get a passport now. Wouldn't it be fun to travel to the states:-)

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Sefarina: Oh, gut dass das mit den Papieren bei Dir auch gut lief. vielleicht ist das mit der Bürokratie ja mittlerweile generell nicht mehr so schlimm, wie auch schon.

@Feronia: Yes, you never know ;-)

@Geier: Mit zehn Jahren Ablauf schlägst Du mich um drei Jahre ;-) Das mit der Ämterphobie kenne ich, die war ja auch bei mir der Grund, warum ich das so lange habe schleifen lassen.

@Zachia: Wenn ich was finde gebe ich es allen bekannt ;-)

@L'actrice: The papers required for the Identity card are the same as for the passport, technically I could apply for one, too. Right now its a matter of Cash, so both, passport and Trip to the US, have to wait.