lundi, avril 30, 2012


Thank you for your good wishes! We are trough now - at least for the hardest part. My mom was released from the hospital this morning and we drove home to France. The surgery went very well. My mother said that due to the professionality and the kindness of the surgery staff and the nurses, the whole thing was even a good experience. Only problem was that she apparenty had a very nasty roommate:  an old and bitter lady who obviously is  a master of intrigues and took pleasure to torment others wherever she could.
The two or three glimpses I could take confirmed that impression. Last night, my mom said to the nurses that hospital was lucky she (my mom) could kill nobody, but others in the same circumstances certainly would.  After that they moved the old beast out of her room ;-)

So now she is pretty happy to be home again with her own bed and room.
Of course, she is still very immobile due to her foot and I have to do a lot for her - which is not a problem. Next Wednesday I have to go for the mothly-shopping in Epinal and then, drive back to Basel in order to get the other monthly-things done. So its not exactly time for me to rest yet, but hardest part is over.

In the same time, weed is growing in the garden and I can't be there to pull it out and do the other gardening jobs. Grr!

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Bodecea a dit…

Weiterhin gute Besserung für deine Mum... :-)

Sefarina a dit…

Bösartige Zimmergenossen sind eine Plage, wenn man ihnen nicht entkommen kann. Gut, dass die Frau verlegt wurde.

Ich wünsche weiterhin gute Besserung!