mardi, avril 03, 2012

Post Cards

I'm currently in Basel, because  I attended a Post-Card Fair in Belfort last Sunday. Next Monday, there will be another one in Issenheim, so I spend a week here. Issenheim is better to reach from Basel and the longer stay gives me the opportunity to see Gaby again.
Nevertheless, I'd very much like to go home, right now. My mom told me that Minggy is not well, he has an Infection. She phoned the vet, and the doctor offered her to come to our house to see for Minggy, if the antibiotics we still have in reserve do not work.
So I know best is done for Minggy, still, I'd like to be near him.

Stupid Issenheim-Fair, I hope that thing will be worth the effort.

The Fair in Belfort wasn't overwhelming. I sold some cards, but not enough to cover my expenses.

In fact, Postcards used to be a good medium for graphic artists. Even in the pre-digital era, postcards were affordable to print. Nowadays, they are even more than affordable. There are many collectors out there who will buy them from you. Postcards are a way to make your work known.
But the collectors become fewer and fewer. On every fair I go and within the Club I'm in, most people are a LOT older than me. Scene is dying out. And most collectors now are only interested in old Postcards (pre1950ies) So were the people who came to Belfort.
But I made the experience that people who are into cats or collecting cat-things definitely buy my Georgie Cards. So I just hope that there are a few cat-lovers among the visitors in Issenheim, next week.

3 commentaires:

l'actrice a dit…

I love your Georgie card a lot! Hope Minggy is going to be well soon:-)

Sefarina a dit…

Es ist jammerschade, dass Postkarten aus der Mode kommen. Für die Artisten ist es eine preiswerte Möglichkeit, ihre Werke zu verkaufen und als Käufer ruiniert man sich auch nicht.
Ich liebe Künstlerpostkarten und habe eine ansehnliche Sammlung davon.

Wenn Postkarten aus der Mode kommen und Comics Randerscheinung bleiben, wo soll man denn als Illustratorin heute noch hin? So langsam bleiben nur noch Auftragsarbeiten...

Wie geht es Minggy?

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@L'actrice: Thank you very much. Minggy is a lot better now!

@Sefarinba: ja, das ist ja die Krux. Letzten Endes bleiben nur Auftragsarbeiten um zu leben (halbwegs) und Postkarten / Comics usw halt "zum Vergnügen.) Gerade auf Postkartenbörsen ist es bitter zu erleben, dass Besucher jammern, 1,50 für eine Postkarte sei ihnen dann doch zu teuer - und gleixh danach beim Imbiss Kaffee und Sandwich für 7 Euro kaufen.

Minggy geht es wieder sehr viel besser! Das erleichtert mich ungemein.