jeudi, mai 31, 2012

A candy at Sefarinas Blog!

Sefarina does wonderful, handcrafted paperworks, such as hand made sketchbooks, sheets and other kind of unique items with different kind of papers. I own some of her work and I can therefore tell about the quality of it !
Now she is offering one of her work to the reader who has the luck to be the one being chosen at the draw she will perform. Just follow the simple rules and you are in !


mardi, mai 29, 2012

JFK's Birthday

Again it is JFK's birthday. A most cherished observance in my personal Wheel of the year. The day also marks the beginning of the Midsummer-Season. (From May 29 to June 21, Festival of Litha, or Summer-Solstice.)
Midsumer is a time of mellowness, joy and ideas. It is also a time when everything  seems to be ephemeral and inconsistent. Thoughts, Ideas and dreams come and go, like the butterflies that flutter trough the meadows in the endless daylight. The cricket sing, the sky is deep blue, but distant thunder annouces weather-changing already.  Nothing is for real, but oh so much inspring. A season ruled by the elment air.  All things are fugacious and pass away before they are even here. Even vegetables and other food seem to decay faster than usual.
Midsummer is the opposite of the Mourning-Season (from November 1 to November 22)

I wish you all a happy Midsummer!

dimanche, mai 27, 2012

Dead of a hard-drive

I was full of plans for yesterday. I wanted to work in the garden and on the houseyard. Wonderful weather and so much to plant and weeds to pull out and Wood to be stocked in the barn.

While being at breakfirst, the Computer that was alrerady running, suddendly shut down. I wanted to restart it, but boot failed.
Nasty Error Mesage.
I called the PC Shop that, 5 months ago, sold me this *new* machine. They said, I should bring the PC to them. Of course.
So instead to go out in the garden, I packed the PC into the car and went on the 1 hour long way to Remiremont, where the Computer Workshop is located.
On my way, I entered into Remiremont with 57 kmh instead of 50. Some shitty machine saw it and popped up a big red display telling me the expensive consequences. Great!  Already had one like that last month. They are serious in France now, about mining the whole country with these electronic traps.

Do you know this feeling, when you feel like a victim, despite of the facte that you aren't one, of course. It was my resposibility to drive at low speed. But I was so much distracted from the PC Problem and I wasn't even ready to do a drive that day....

It took 3 hours at the Computer Shop for them to find out that the new and "so much powerful" Hard Drive  was dead and probably corrupted since it left the factory. Luckily, all my files are stocked on 2 other hard drives which were not affected.
So they replaced the dead thing with a classical drive, until I will get a new of these "extra wonderful" Drives from the factory. Okay, it's all still under warranty, at least one thing....

Now I am reinstalling all my programs. And try to replace all the lost things I had stored on the C/drive...

dimanche, mai 20, 2012

Nightmare on our street

I thought I would write another couple of thoughts regarding JFK in this post, but well, I much more feel to write about what happened today in my village. Some of you may have got a glimpse on my Facebook Entries.

I was not even there. I am currently in Basel, waiting for a damn parcel to be *finally* delivered in order.

My mom called me and was very anxious, almost in panic and told me that the house of the asshole-neighbors was on fire. I told her that there's nothing I can do from Basel and that she should call the Firefighters. I then heard that she saw our other Neighbor, Mrs. Whitebeard, and that the latter already did call for the firefighters.
I should mention that we had a fire in an apartment almost 30 years ago, hence my mother has an extreme fear of fires since.
She then mailed me what happened in a 5 minutes rhythm and send me the photos she shot with her Iphone via Dropbox. The Pictures are indeed impressive.
The Firefighters were in action for hours. When the fire finally was under control, Everybody could see the huge damage that was done. Half the roof is gone and what remains of it is probably not stable anymore.

The neighbors packed and prepared to move out.

Well, this was not unexpected. Or better: I KNEW this would happen one day. It's not the first time Firefighters had to come for them and it was only a matter of time when their tremendous lack of responsibility and their careless egoism would lead to a Drama. But when it happens for real, then you are shocked, despite of the fact you expected it.

Things worsened in the past days. Some weeks ago, one of the women in this household tried suicide - EMT had to come and save her. Last Friday, their Dog started to bark from 5:00 AM for 10 hours without a break, what is a clear sign that trouble is going on inside the house. So it was in the air.

I know, its terrible, but under the pressure of the Motorcycles and the eternal barking dog I was somehow desperately hoping that "the day" would finally arrive. I dunno. We may have some time of calm ahead us until their insurance will pay them the repairing of the house. If insurance they have. And if so, if they accept to pay, because there's a great chance that the fire was caused by one of their illegal activities, such as burning waste on the backyard, using fuel to make the fire grow.

jeudi, mai 17, 2012


Since JFK's birthday is approaching, I will post some thoughts about him and me in the next days.

What most amazes me after all these years, is that drawing him is still as exciting as it was  in the first time of our "connection". I must have drawn him in more than a hundred ways since, but picking up the pencil and starting to do the typical lines is still as thrilling as in the beginning: There's heart-beating, emotion and fears involved, fears that I may fail. But also joy, pleasure and enchantment. He's a highly addicting drug. I guess it's the job of a muse to be this way, but still, to me, its amazing.

I'm aware of the great gift this represents. I know people who ruin themselves and their families by spending their little social welfare income for alcohol and cigarettes and justifying it with "One must have a little pleasure, after all". I despise this, but I shouldn't.  My addiction doesn't cost me a dime, is not destructive, but creative and it increases my health instead of ruining it. But I didn't choose it, it's not my merit.  I simply was lucky enough JFK noticed me.

dimanche, mai 13, 2012

Finding the time...

A lot to do in the garden and the houseyard now ; my hands and fingers are full of scratches and holes, which makes the drawing job painful, sometimes.

I still have to drive a lot also, because my Mom had to return to Basel, see the doctor and then came back. If somebody asked me where's my primary residence, Basel or Harsault, I'd respond "Motorway A35 Paris-Lyon".

I really hope I'll meet the deadline and can finish "Le secret du 13 étage" by end of may. I'm adavancing quite well, but with all the other things to do, it's a race against time.

And last but not least, I hope I really will find time to settle down enough to celebrate JFK's Birthday on May 29. I already almost missed Beltane, Did only a little celebration and did not brought the attention to it I wanted.
May 29 is an important observance for me, as you may guess. Not only JFK's Birth is honred, its also the day that marks the beginning of my personal Midsummer-season which is from May 29 until June 21 (Litha). The Midsummer season is a special and wonderful time, with its never-ending daylight, the mellow feeling, the clear skies and all the gifts of Nature like Strawberries and Rasperries.