jeudi, mai 17, 2012


Since JFK's birthday is approaching, I will post some thoughts about him and me in the next days.

What most amazes me after all these years, is that drawing him is still as exciting as it was  in the first time of our "connection". I must have drawn him in more than a hundred ways since, but picking up the pencil and starting to do the typical lines is still as thrilling as in the beginning: There's heart-beating, emotion and fears involved, fears that I may fail. But also joy, pleasure and enchantment. He's a highly addicting drug. I guess it's the job of a muse to be this way, but still, to me, its amazing.

I'm aware of the great gift this represents. I know people who ruin themselves and their families by spending their little social welfare income for alcohol and cigarettes and justifying it with "One must have a little pleasure, after all". I despise this, but I shouldn't.  My addiction doesn't cost me a dime, is not destructive, but creative and it increases my health instead of ruining it. But I didn't choose it, it's not my merit.  I simply was lucky enough JFK noticed me.

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Sefarina a dit…

Eine wunderbare Sucht!
Sie lässt dich arbeiten, während die meisten Süchte genau das mit der Zeit verhindern.