dimanche, mai 27, 2012

Dead of a hard-drive

I was full of plans for yesterday. I wanted to work in the garden and on the houseyard. Wonderful weather and so much to plant and weeds to pull out and Wood to be stocked in the barn.

While being at breakfirst, the Computer that was alrerady running, suddendly shut down. I wanted to restart it, but boot failed.
Nasty Error Mesage.
I called the PC Shop that, 5 months ago, sold me this *new* machine. They said, I should bring the PC to them. Of course.
So instead to go out in the garden, I packed the PC into the car and went on the 1 hour long way to Remiremont, where the Computer Workshop is located.
On my way, I entered into Remiremont with 57 kmh instead of 50. Some shitty machine saw it and popped up a big red display telling me the expensive consequences. Great!  Already had one like that last month. They are serious in France now, about mining the whole country with these electronic traps.

Do you know this feeling, when you feel like a victim, despite of the facte that you aren't one, of course. It was my resposibility to drive at low speed. But I was so much distracted from the PC Problem and I wasn't even ready to do a drive that day....

It took 3 hours at the Computer Shop for them to find out that the new and "so much powerful" Hard Drive  was dead and probably corrupted since it left the factory. Luckily, all my files are stocked on 2 other hard drives which were not affected.
So they replaced the dead thing with a classical drive, until I will get a new of these "extra wonderful" Drives from the factory. Okay, it's all still under warranty, at least one thing....

Now I am reinstalling all my programs. And try to replace all the lost things I had stored on the C/drive...

4 commentaires:

Sefarina a dit…

Ein Ticket wegen 7kmh zu viel? Das ist heftig. Ich weiß gar nicht wie es in D innerorts ist.

Und eine kaputte Festplatte ist total ärgerlich. Gut, dass es nur C war und nicht die mit den Daten.
Was für ein Albtraum.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@ Sefarina : Vermutlich galt oder gilt in Deutschland wie in Frankreich frueher auch, eine 10 prozent Toleranzmarge. Die gibt es in F nicht mehr. Faehrst Du 51, knallts..

Leider hatte ich schon auch viele wichtige Dokumente unter C...Wird ne Weile dauern, bis sas alles ersetzt und ausgestanden ist.

Feronia a dit…

Oh, Diana - I know that feeling so well when everything seems to go wrong. Hope the PC is behaving itself better now.

Feronia a dit…

Also Diana, I have a book called The Life and Words of John F Kennedy by James Playsted Wood, published in 1964. It's in great condition and has some lovely photos and sketches in it. Would you like it?