dimanche, mai 13, 2012

Finding the time...

A lot to do in the garden and the houseyard now ; my hands and fingers are full of scratches and holes, which makes the drawing job painful, sometimes.

I still have to drive a lot also, because my Mom had to return to Basel, see the doctor and then came back. If somebody asked me where's my primary residence, Basel or Harsault, I'd respond "Motorway A35 Paris-Lyon".

I really hope I'll meet the deadline and can finish "Le secret du 13 étage" by end of may. I'm adavancing quite well, but with all the other things to do, it's a race against time.

And last but not least, I hope I really will find time to settle down enough to celebrate JFK's Birthday on May 29. I already almost missed Beltane, Did only a little celebration and did not brought the attention to it I wanted.
May 29 is an important observance for me, as you may guess. Not only JFK's Birth is honred, its also the day that marks the beginning of my personal Midsummer-season which is from May 29 until June 21 (Litha). The Midsummer season is a special and wonderful time, with its never-ending daylight, the mellow feeling, the clear skies and all the gifts of Nature like Strawberries and Rasperries.

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