mardi, mai 29, 2012

JFK's Birthday

Again it is JFK's birthday. A most cherished observance in my personal Wheel of the year. The day also marks the beginning of the Midsummer-Season. (From May 29 to June 21, Festival of Litha, or Summer-Solstice.)
Midsumer is a time of mellowness, joy and ideas. It is also a time when everything  seems to be ephemeral and inconsistent. Thoughts, Ideas and dreams come and go, like the butterflies that flutter trough the meadows in the endless daylight. The cricket sing, the sky is deep blue, but distant thunder annouces weather-changing already.  Nothing is for real, but oh so much inspring. A season ruled by the elment air.  All things are fugacious and pass away before they are even here. Even vegetables and other food seem to decay faster than usual.
Midsummer is the opposite of the Mourning-Season (from November 1 to November 22)

I wish you all a happy Midsummer!

2 commentaires:

Sefarina a dit…

Auch von mir alles Gute, Mr. President.

Und dir wünsche ich eine wunderbare Zeit der Hollerblüte. Ich fiebere auch schon dem Mittsommer entgegen, auch wenn das bedeutet, dass wir bereits wieder in die Hälfte der kürzer werdenden Tage eintreten.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Sefarina: Auf Litha freue ich mich auch schon. Natürlich hat es etwas melancholisches, wenn di Tage wieder kürzer werden, aber die schönen Aspekte der Zeit der Reife überwiegen, wie ich finde.