mardi, juin 19, 2012


Almost one year ago, I was sent by my professional counselor to Metz, in order to meet the responsible of Lorraine State Film departement, for some advice and help regarding the distribution of the Bête des Vosges Film and my Film work in general.

The lady there mostly said to me: "Get a producer."
Hell, In no way I intended to follow that advice.

Look, I've been there.
Not with Film Producers, but with book publishers. Same thing. I know how that works. Or better: How it doesn't work.
I am way too old now to spend my physical, financial end emotional energy in writing hundreds of applications and then dealing with all the rejections or the lack of response. This energy is far better being put into creative work itself. Even if, and this is true too. You don't get far as an artist on your own. Festivals, Distributors, Reviewers - most of them will ignore you. Because people don't take art serious unless it has been legitimated by a third party, such as a publisher or a producer.
On July 2, I will be in Metz again. Meeting the producer who will procuce the Merula Dawn" Film. I didn't find him. He found me.   Sometimes Life insists on certain details.

6 commentaires:

Sefarina a dit…

Oh wow!

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!!!!

Das sind wunderbare Neuigkeiten und ich freu mich gerade so, dass ich vor dem Computer auf und ab hüpfe :)

Deine Kunst hat es wirklich verdient ein breiteres Publikum zu erreichen.

Karan a dit…

Hooray!Blessings on your endeavours!

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Danke, Sefarina und Karan. dann seghen wir mal, wie sich das ganze entwickelt.

Geier a dit…

Wie? Da hat sich wer gemeldet der das finanzieren will?

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Geier: Ja, zummindest so ungefähr. Er übernimmt das Vertonen im Studio, das casting der Sprecher und last but not least, den ganzen Vermarktungskram, Kontakte mit Vertrieben usw. Die Arsch-Sachen eben :-)

l'actrice a dit…

That's how it should always work out! Congratulations Diana:-)