mardi, juillet 31, 2012


I am on my thermal cure for 3 days now. I skipped today, because we had to drive to Epinal for our monthly shopping. The director of the institution wasn't happy and barely allowed me to make a cut. But I had no choice. Attending the cure at morning and doing the shopping afternoon would have been too much exhausting for me. Because this cure *is* really exhausting.

I dunno if I am blasphemous here, but I'm wondering how much  - or if at all - such a cure really does work.
Yes, it actually feels good.  I do enjoy these hot baths, hot mud, the underwater-showers and massage treatments. But is there an effect beyond having fun, feeling comfortable and meeting other people to whom you can talk about your pains and problems?

Okay, it's paid by health insurance, so one would expect that success is tested. Is it really? Or is it merely a fashion from the 19 century,  when elder ladies who had enough money offered themseves 3 weeks out of the house, away from the husband, getting a bit spoiled? Is Health Insurance just paying because Cures should no longer be a privilege of the rich ones?

 The other alternative, questionning the effectiveness of the cure, would ruin the business of thermal stations which is probably more destructive and expensive than to pay for ineffective cures.

Don't get me wrong: I don't want to say, that it IS ineffective. And again, I enjoy the treatments. Even if, to be honest right now, I have more back pain than before. (??)

I just would like to know what is the part of proven science here and what is the believing part.

Does anybody have experience in the matter, maybe some parents who go to thermal cures?

mercredi, juillet 18, 2012

After the strike

We are fixing all the damages done by the thunderstorm and the lightning step by step. the telephone line has been repared and I have ADSL and Phone again. All things taken into account, we were pretty lucky - at least compared to most of the neighbors. Our neighbor next door still doesn't have internet.

I attended the doctor this morning and we fixed my Thermal cure to begin at the end of the month. That means that I have to go to Bains every day for 3 weeks: Hot thermal baths, massages and getting buried into mud - things like this. They hope to comfort my back this way as well as fighting against the osteoporosis.

When I came back I found the time to work a bit in the garden and around the house. It was one of the rare sunny days, so I had to take advantage of it.
I'm harvesting plenty of Zukes these days. They seem to mostly grow at night. Tiny things in the evening and big pricks next morning.
Gardening is really an important balance for me. It would do me no good to work on the computer or drawing in a seat all day.

Speaking of work, Film is going on, too. At the beginning of the month, I was in Metz where I met the film Producer and a bunch of people who will collaborate on the project. But it came out that I have to change the video format I was using. I created an output of HDV 720, but this is too tiny. The distributor wants cinema format. 
Therefore I am re-working all the yet finished scenes. I have to redraw some elements, mostly of the background. Cinema format also means that I really have to avoid the slightest error. TV-Screens are very forgiving when it comes to little errors and impure drawings, due to their low resolution. A Cinema theater will expose every tiny mistake in a cruel and merciless way. The whole producer thing is great, but in the same time it puts me under a great pressure.
Still its an exciting and wonderful endeavor.

samedi, juillet 07, 2012


I'm not sure how to begin this. It was saturday, a week ago. Mom and I watched TV. There was a thunderstorm outside. I didn't perceive it as particulary strong or fierce or whatever. I went into the kitchen to boil me up dome water for a tea. Then: An enormeous blast. All blinding white light in the rooom, I felt like being thrown backwards by a force that seemed to come out of the wall. My mom came running in, crying and screaming, repeating that she was so grateful I was alive. Well, I still didn't get what actually happened. A nuclear strike? At least it felt like that. Whole house started to stink of burnt plastic and cables. We looked around to see if there was a fire, but didn't find one. I stepped outside. So did a lot of the neighbors. Mrs Whitebeard pointed her finger at the house next to mine. The roof had a big fat hole in it, the ceilings broken and widespread all around or broken on the ground. A deep, straight vertical crack in the wall where once the telephone cable was installed. The lightning went down here, Mrs. Whitebeard said. On the street dozens of debris. All these boxes mounted on the poles that held the telephone cables had exploded. Every one, all the street long. I went back in the house. No power, no electric light. Should have guessed so. Then I found the source of the stink: our in-house telephone line was burnt. The plugging station was in pieces. Torn appart and melted. Okay. So lightning struck the neighbors house and then, using the telephone net, destroyed the lines and devices in all the neighborhood. Some people could restore their power quickly. Not us. So our direct neighbor helped us out by dragging a long csble into our house, so we could use his power. For a little light and cooking. This was extremely nice of him. Next day workers came and fixed electricity. Telephone line should be fixed next monday. Meanwhile I go online with my Ipad and a prepay 3G SIM card. Several of our devices are heavily damaged. No TV. It came as a miracle that my Computer hasn't took more than an USB port blewed up. Insurance is informed. Step by step damage will be fixed and things can be replaced. What lasts is the psychological fallout: I used to be not afraid of thunderstorms. Now I am. Fuck, yes It scared out the shit of me and I will hide under the bed next time. Because its not true that lightning always goes for church towers. It can decide to just destroy a house randomly, without apparent reason. Fortunately, said house is currently empty. The owner has moved into a home for elderly people. Damages within the house itself are considerable and I doubt that a person there in during impact would have gotten away without any injury.