lundi, août 27, 2012

Fair in Vittel

Yesteday I attended a Postcard Collector's fair in Vittel. I was so exhausted from the past days that I didn't really look forward for it. But well,  the booth was already paid and since Vittel ist just about 40km away from my village, I gave it a try.

The whole morning, I didn't sell a single item and worse, People didn't even look at my stuff. I was deeply frustrated and sweard it would be my last fair attending ever.

At afternoon, more "normal" people came in, in addition to the collector-Freaks that were here since the opening of the hall.
The Kids were pretty seduced by my Ipad on the booth that looped the"Vosgian Beast" Video and blackmailed their parents into buying them a copy. This was a cool experience, because it was the first time I presented the film via the Ipad and it was nice to see that it works. I didn't make a fortune yesterday but after deducing my expenses, there are 20 Euros gained.

On a fair with more visitors, especially visitors with Kids, I will probably be able to be more successful.

My Booth. The table was not really big, but well...

This little dog belongs to a seller I already know from past fairs. Yesterday, The guy just passed me the dog over to hold it while he wandered trough the hall...

2 commentaires:

Sefarina a dit…

Schade dass es nicht besser lief :(
Deine Postkarten sind wunderschön und verdienen Besseres.
Dass Kinder deinen Film lieben ist ja klar, die Bestie ist urkomisch.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Ja, so gesehen ief es noch nicht mal schlecht, immerhin kein Verlust, sondern ein kleiner Gewinn.