samedi, septembre 22, 2012

JFK and me

I get aware that I didn't write about JFK here, since a long time. You Know, JFK, my muse, my spiritual friend. I did not have many Dreams and connections with JFK these past months. And I did not draw him very often. I always had other drawing jobs to do. More "important ones".

So now, approaching the 8 year of our bond, we are like an old couple sharing occasional "Hi, how are you? Good? ok, bye!" and otherwise, trying to avoid each other or any deeper discussion.

This isn't good. Absolutley not.

Asked which reasons had led to our situation, JFK blames it on the lack of time we pass together, meaning me drawing him or meeting him on meditaive travellings. "What you feed will live and what you starve will die."

I am very much afraid I'm starting to loose myself in my daily struggle to work on what "will hopefully pay" and therefore "get us out of here".

I have to change some things, really.

mercredi, septembre 19, 2012

Fake testimonial

On there's a funny trend: More and more People offer to record testimonials for a product as a video. Well, why not, but if it is to pretend that it's a *real* testimonal - and not some guy who did it for a pay, then its kind of a scam.

So I decided to hire somebody and create a video which should make it clear that it's a fake, but fun anyway:

samedi, septembre 15, 2012

The other side

Some of you may have already noticed it: I startet a second blog, as well as a second youtube channel.

I felt the need to split the different aspects of my work and my life into different platforms. Let's just say that the audiencde of the Georgie Films is not necesserly the same as the audience of films like this. So if you are into one but not the other, just ignore the side you dislike. And if it happens that you like both, watch and read all!

I don't know if that makes any sense on a long term, let's see.

dimanche, septembre 09, 2012

Arte Binningen.

Arte Binningen  is an art fair that takes place near Basel since 20 Years.
A booth there would be way too expensive for me. But they have what they call an "art market" where Artists can display affordable art, i.e little originals, for free. Under the condition that their application is aproved by a Jury.

Well, I applied and this morning, got an email that the Jury has choosen me !

I don't know how much, if any, I will sell of my art there. But being part of the show is already a very cool thing.

dimanche, septembre 02, 2012

Nothing really new here.

I don't feel really well, altough I am very busy. In fact, I am so busy because more than ever, I am driven by the desire to "finally make it".  Every evening I am frustraded because I spent the day with true hard working without the slightest success or achievement.

At least my mom and Benni are a lot better.