lundi, octobre 29, 2012

I got a Job

From today on, I'm part of a pecular minority in our area:  I've got a job.
Vosgian state council has a book project and hired me  - and two other women - to do it.
but we were not hired as freelancers. We had to sign a working contract for six months and will get a monthly salary.
Thats a pretty new situation for me.
Since it is just a part time job, I will still have time to go on with my usual projects. Even tough it will of course take a lot of ressources and strenght.
the pay is fair. It will improve my financial situation at least for said six months.

The job will consist oft traveling trough the vosgian mountains, interact with poeple, making drawings and dress up a portrait of local scocial life.
Hopefuly that there is one...
There definitely is, says council, its just hidden and thats why we want you to turn what you see into a piece of art, a book with your drawings and the texts, articles of your fellow coworkers.

that sounds like a pretty fancy and elitary project -  and it is. the sort of thing only state would pay.
will there be another target audience than the members of the council ? asked a coworker.
of course, We all hope that it will appeal to every vosgian citizen answers counselor.
It may appeal to them, but I doubt that more than a few citizens will be able to buy it thinks me, but not this loud.

Anyway. I do know how lucky I am. I got a job as an artist. I'll get paycheks. I can work on my own rojects, too. I will have a fancy title in my bibliography. I may learn to overcome my scociophobia and be more able  to market my own books after that. I may make interesting contacts. And it will probably be an unique experience. So yes, yay!

lundi, octobre 22, 2012


Back from Arlon.

I'm back. There's not really much to report. It was as most nof the time at suche events, in other words, a total disappointment. I sold three items on Saturday and one on Sunday. The festival had some visitors, not the big masses, but enough to provide the artists on the neighbor booths pretty good sales. I for myself, was invisibe to the public most of the time. Sure, Those who noticed me and had a look at my work didn't spare with compliments and admiration but then always ended up by wishing me luck then turned away and bought the books on the next booth.

Really, I wish they'd say my work is big shit, for a change. And most above all, I wish they'd say WHY they think its shit. At least, I would finally know the reason for being the eternal looser. I may not be able to change or improve anything, but at least, I would know.

Until then I can't but make guessings.

For one, I noticed that classical drawn adventure stories are pretty out of fashion, unless its very classic lord of he ring look-a-like, all with elves, swords and magicians.
What sold well was funny humour, mostly sexist one. Even  female readers took delight on poorly drawn cartoons making fun of overweighted girls who could't "get any" or women too old to be attractive  and bought these books spontaneously. the argument that comics are male dominated and therefore targeted at a male audience is no longer valid.
Its obvious that this is no longer "my world" and I don't think that will attend Arlon another year again. 

jeudi, octobre 18, 2012

Arlon 2012

Tomorrow I will leave for Arlon, Belgium, to attend the Comic Festival that takes place this Week-End. You may remember that Arlon in the last year was a big failure, mainly due to the car-breakdown. Also, the sales were poor. But I also did meet my actual Film Producer there, so after all,  it wasn't a total failure.

Anyway. I will give it another try this year. To prevent Car-Nightmares, I'll take the train. I just have to drive to Epinal Railwaystation. Hopefully, the car will make at least that...

Speaking of nightmares. an often returning, unpleasant dream I have is the follow: I am at a fair and want to install my booth. Then I get aware that I totally forgot to take any book  / artwork/ DVD with me! People are coming in the hall and I am standing here with nothing to display. I then try to figure out how much hours I will loose if I jump back in my car and drive home, catch my stuff and return to the show. Often in such dreams, I am in a far away location, so that I would have to drive for 6 hours and more.
I really hope this never gets true. I check my bags often to see if I really got anything packed in. In the other hand, I really dont want take too much with me. Since I travel by train, that means that there's a lot of bag carrying involved. Heavy stuff. And for what?  No need to take 20 Books with me when I presumably will sell at most 2 copies.

Of course, there is still this silly part of hope involved. What if things are different *this time*? What if I sell 10 and more copies and end up with no stuff even before the show is over? My back and my optimism are fighting hard against eachother when packing.

However, keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck!

lundi, octobre 08, 2012


Since my last post I did some efforts in meditation and general slow-down of pace and I can say tht it yieldet in some success. I had dreams with JFK, one of them really thrilling and wonderful. All my dreams have been enhanced and  seem to be more meaningful again. It really rewards doing some spiritual work.
Of course, the season helps too, days are getting shorter and veils getting thinner in the mist of autumn.

We are eating a lot of pumkins now, as well as the last zukes and beans from the gardens. Its a time of plenty and good food.

I am also preparing the Trp to Arlon, where I will attend the big Comic Fair of October 20 / 21. I am taking the train this time, because I really don't feel like dealing wioth another car-breakdown like last time. Car isn't any younger this year, anyway.
But I am happy I could get the same Hotel as last year. Its not exactly a Hotel-Room, but a regular little Appartment with a little kitchen where I can cook food bought at the nearby discounter. This lowers the expense considerably.