jeudi, octobre 18, 2012

Arlon 2012

Tomorrow I will leave for Arlon, Belgium, to attend the Comic Festival that takes place this Week-End. You may remember that Arlon in the last year was a big failure, mainly due to the car-breakdown. Also, the sales were poor. But I also did meet my actual Film Producer there, so after all,  it wasn't a total failure.

Anyway. I will give it another try this year. To prevent Car-Nightmares, I'll take the train. I just have to drive to Epinal Railwaystation. Hopefully, the car will make at least that...

Speaking of nightmares. an often returning, unpleasant dream I have is the follow: I am at a fair and want to install my booth. Then I get aware that I totally forgot to take any book  / artwork/ DVD with me! People are coming in the hall and I am standing here with nothing to display. I then try to figure out how much hours I will loose if I jump back in my car and drive home, catch my stuff and return to the show. Often in such dreams, I am in a far away location, so that I would have to drive for 6 hours and more.
I really hope this never gets true. I check my bags often to see if I really got anything packed in. In the other hand, I really dont want take too much with me. Since I travel by train, that means that there's a lot of bag carrying involved. Heavy stuff. And for what?  No need to take 20 Books with me when I presumably will sell at most 2 copies.

Of course, there is still this silly part of hope involved. What if things are different *this time*? What if I sell 10 and more copies and end up with no stuff even before the show is over? My back and my optimism are fighting hard against eachother when packing.

However, keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck!

2 commentaires:

Sefarina a dit…

Was für ein Albtraum. Klingt wie das Äquivalent zu "nackt vor Publikum".
Solche Träume gehen für gewöhnlich nie in Erfüllung, schon weil man um so aufmerksamer ist.

Zu entscheiden wie viel man mit nimmt klingt wirklich schwierig, vor allem, wenn du alles tragen musst.

Ich hoffe, dass du nichts wieder mit nach Hause tragen musst, egal wie viel du mit nimmst. Und dass die Bahn sich anständiger verhält als dein Auto letztes Jahr.

Dryade a dit…

Viel Glück :-)meine Daumen sind alle gedrückt und ich wünsche dir ganz leichtes Gepäck für den Rückweg!!