lundi, octobre 29, 2012

I got a Job

From today on, I'm part of a pecular minority in our area:  I've got a job.
Vosgian state council has a book project and hired me  - and two other women - to do it.
but we were not hired as freelancers. We had to sign a working contract for six months and will get a monthly salary.
Thats a pretty new situation for me.
Since it is just a part time job, I will still have time to go on with my usual projects. Even tough it will of course take a lot of ressources and strenght.
the pay is fair. It will improve my financial situation at least for said six months.

The job will consist oft traveling trough the vosgian mountains, interact with poeple, making drawings and dress up a portrait of local scocial life.
Hopefuly that there is one...
There definitely is, says council, its just hidden and thats why we want you to turn what you see into a piece of art, a book with your drawings and the texts, articles of your fellow coworkers.

that sounds like a pretty fancy and elitary project -  and it is. the sort of thing only state would pay.
will there be another target audience than the members of the council ? asked a coworker.
of course, We all hope that it will appeal to every vosgian citizen answers counselor.
It may appeal to them, but I doubt that more than a few citizens will be able to buy it thinks me, but not this loud.

Anyway. I do know how lucky I am. I got a job as an artist. I'll get paycheks. I can work on my own rojects, too. I will have a fancy title in my bibliography. I may learn to overcome my scociophobia and be more able  to market my own books after that. I may make interesting contacts. And it will probably be an unique experience. So yes, yay!

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Karan a dit…

Wow, that's really good news! Good luck and much success! :-)

l'actrice a dit…

Diana, I'm so excited for you. A job as an artist! It sounds very interesting too. You are perfect for that:-)

Sefarina a dit…

Das klingt absolut traumhaft. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Geier a dit…

Dito! Das ist ja mal richtig Klasse, und nach all dem Frust hast dus auch mehr als Verdient, freut mich für dich XD

Bodecea a dit…

Das klingt doch mal cool & und auch nach hoffentlich viel Spaß! Wünsch dir viel Erfolg!


Dryade a dit…

Mensch super!! Das hast du dir echt verdient!!
Ich wünsche dir viel Spaß mit dem neuen Job und denke das alleine durch das regelmäßige Einkommen (mit weniger Sorge um das Geld) ganz viel Platz für kreative Gedanken und Projekte frei wird.
Wünsche dir einen guten Start und drück dir alle Daumen das du für das Projekt viele spannende Menschen/Orte findest.
Liebe Grüße von der Dryade

Zachia a dit…

Fantastisch ! alles Gute damit :-)

all about owl a dit…

Das ist ja wohl das Tollste!!! Ein "once in a lifetime", vielleicht bleiben "danach" fuer dich wertvolle Kontakte und Erfahrungen "uebrig".
Viel Glueck damit und puenktlich zu Samhain:))

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@ All Vielen dank für Eure Glückwünsche. Ja, ich freue mich auch sehr und denke, dass ich endlich auch mal so richtig Glück gehabt habe. Ich packe die nächsten sechs Monate mit viel Optimismus an.