lundi, octobre 08, 2012


Since my last post I did some efforts in meditation and general slow-down of pace and I can say tht it yieldet in some success. I had dreams with JFK, one of them really thrilling and wonderful. All my dreams have been enhanced and  seem to be more meaningful again. It really rewards doing some spiritual work.
Of course, the season helps too, days are getting shorter and veils getting thinner in the mist of autumn.

We are eating a lot of pumkins now, as well as the last zukes and beans from the gardens. Its a time of plenty and good food.

I am also preparing the Trp to Arlon, where I will attend the big Comic Fair of October 20 / 21. I am taking the train this time, because I really don't feel like dealing wioth another car-breakdown like last time. Car isn't any younger this year, anyway.
But I am happy I could get the same Hotel as last year. Its not exactly a Hotel-Room, but a regular little Appartment with a little kitchen where I can cook food bought at the nearby discounter. This lowers the expense considerably.

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Zachia a dit…

Oh,ja die Schleier werden dünner...