samedi, novembre 10, 2012

Byways and Sidepaths

When working with a whole fictive Universe such as the World of Antique White House, you have to create much more than just the main Characters, a location where they live and what they do. You need to recreate a whole culture and history. In order to avoid any mistakes, I keep a history time-line with all major events, such as elected Presidents, wars, great discoveries, cultural exploits, inventions and so on. 

Each time I introduce a new fact, I first look how it fits on this time-line and therefore how it will interact with the existing facts.
A side effect of this way of working is that there are lot more facts and stories than there will ever be told throughout a book or a film. Byways and Sidepaths that may remain hidden for ever. 

Sometimes they can be included as tiny details. As an example, in the Merula Dawn Film: During the main titles, the camera focuses on the house-altar. A calendar on the wall changes from time to time, switching to another picture, hence showing 40 years passing by. Some of these pictures just display some animals; - mammoths, cave-lions and other typical americanian fauna.  And some also display historical scenes. Such as a Soldier in the time frame of the great European War. 
And  this one:

The thrilling part is that the picture is not spectacular, although it captures a dramatic moment. If only you could hear the spoken words. The events it refers to, also occurred in our world.
But none about it will be told in the Merula Dawn Film, so far. There, it's just one of the changing calendar pictures and will probably not even get much noticed by the spectator. 

I plan to tell more about the subject in a White House Book, tough. Since I have the feeling that I have something to say about it and a need to draw the main protagonists. 

A bad need, since I *should* get much more done in the NaNoWriMo where I'm involved, too.

I hope Signore will allow me some time for that...

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