lundi, décembre 24, 2012

Seasons Greetings

Wheter you do Christmas, have already celebrated Yule, observe any other Holliday or do none at all, I wish you a happy time. I'd like to thank all my readers here for following my blog and for all the fine comments you took the time to write during all the year. It means a lot to me. May you all be well.

mardi, décembre 18, 2012

Calming down

Things are going on pretty smooth. I've done all the Yule tasks to do and there will be no other meeting at my Job Office in Remiremont until the first January Week. So I have the time to dedicate myself fully to my projects, as there are mainly the "Merula Dawn" Film and the  "Kennedys Vendetta" Book. But oddly enough, I catch myself every here and there drawing too fast, to quickly and not taking my time.

I am restless, under a pressure which in fact, isn't there for real, and I don't know how to get rid of it. I want to be calm. I want to draw slowly and with care, in order to do *good* art.
So why am I so damn nervous?

I also get upset for every little shit, I am moody and restless.

There are several drawings now which I'll need to redraw, simply because they were done in a too great hurry and hence not good. This is annoying. I hope I will innerly settle down in the coming days.

mercredi, décembre 05, 2012

First month over

The first month with my Job is over. 
It has been a positive experience so far. My two colleagues are very nice. Both are very skilled in their own field and the three of us have basically the same idea on what our project should look like and this is a good thing.

We have managed to do all the preparing job so far and will probably go "out in the fields" this month.

Only problem is the heavy Vosgian Winter that makes travelling very uncomfortable. I had a hard time on the icy roads when I came back from work last Monday. The crest that separates Remiremont from my area is infamous for being very dangerous at winter. And it is.

Aside of that, I have some commission work to do, gives me some additional bucks. And of course, I am working on my projects, The Merula Dawn Film and "Kennedys Vendetta". Both Projects being still as exiting and thrilling to me, since I began them.

In the same time, there are preparing for the holidays to be done. Fortunately, I already have bought and packed up all Yule Gifts. But there are still a lot of things to do.