jeudi, janvier 31, 2013


Boy, the job is exhausting me ! ;-)
We are actually in a stage of the project where we have to travel a lot, write a lot and talk a lot. And draw a lot (me)
This is why I am doing so little updates here. I barely can catch up with my other projects.

Once all the Interwiews are done, it will probably all calm down.

mercredi, janvier 16, 2013

Historical Heroes on Deviantart

Who inspires artists? I tried a little research on DeviantArt, Internets biggest Art Community with Millions of Artwork. Done this Morning.

I typed :

* John F Kennedy: 1989 results.

* Aldo Moro: 55 results. From these, 31 that don't represent the actual man, but are mostly or completly unrelated shit. The remaining 24 results contain 22 work from...well, from me.

* Dag Hammarskjöld : 7 results. 4 unrelated.

* Adolf Hitler: 48338 results.

I let everyone make her / his conclusions about these results.

mercredi, janvier 02, 2013

Into the new year

Another year is on and I hope you all had a good New years eve Holiday.

Have you any New Year Resolutions? Me not. I think I was on a good way last year so I will just go on with that path in 2013.

Since it's somehow mandatory a quick overview on my 2012:

Best Thing happened: Found a Job, found a Film Producer.
Best Thing acquired : Ipad, new Identity Card, New German Bankaccount.
Best thing I got rid of: Excessive Skin at my belly (Surgery in February 2012)
Best artistic / Spiritual experience: Aldo Moro

Worst thing happened: Lightning stroke Neighbors house and destroyed my electric infrastructure and lots of devices.
Worst thing acquired: A cheap Tablett Computer from easyPix. Did not last 3 Months.
Worst loss: Some Data on my PC after the Lightning impact.
Worst artistic experience: Comic Festival in Arlon. 

Wish you all a great 2013!