mercredi, février 27, 2013

Apulian Delicacies

Managed at least today to do the "Daily Aldo". Just a doodle, but that's better than nothing.

Its the very first time I drew him on horse. 
About time -  in the world of Antique White House you better know how to ride. I don't know if the real Aldo Moro did, but since most of the men of his generation and social status learned how to stay in saddle, its probable.

Anyway. What certainly would spook him, is the hype made on the Beef-Lasgange that "whinny". 

Apulia, his native country, is famous for its beautiful horses, the Cavallo Pugliesi - but also for real fine Horsemeat Dishes. And no - In my stories, I will not adapt that aspect to the Nutritional-Correct Zeitgeist that mistakes a horse a pet.
A civilization so much relied on horses would be pretty stupid to raise beef for food, using space and ressources, all while thousands of horses are worked to death and then left to rott.
Seen that way, one will understand why especially horsemen-cultures such as the mongols, tatars, huns and native Indians all ate horsemeat.

Back to the  actual Horsemeat Scandal. Don't get me wrong: false labelling of food is inacceptable. It's criminal and should be punished in a severe way. Everyone has the right to eat what he/she wants without getting deceived over the true nature of composants. 

But the general offense seems to go much farther than just over false labels. I doubt that there would be the same scandal if Chicken had been labelled as turkey. The different standards we apply on animals are frightnening sometimes. 
Okay, I admit that most meat-eaters will not eat everything - I stop at cats, too. Being selective is okay in my eyes, even if its specizist. But the difference made between two huge hoofed, grass-eating farm animals like a cow and a horse is bizarre, nevertheless. 

However. If you like Horsemeat, I recommend you this tasty apulian receipe: 

Use Google translation if you don't speak italian.

But I recommend you also to buy regular meat at your local Horsemeat Shop rather than  washing out the meat from some lasgane ;-)

mercredi, février 20, 2013

On the Road again

Our Boss rented a car, so I don't have to use mine when we visit the people we are interviewing.  We try to make most of our Interviews within the period while we have that car. So Vosgian State will not pay the rent fo a car parked at my house.

This means that we are now fully involved in travelling. Today was finally a day I could rest a bit. Tomorrow we will drive to a faraway town for new visits and interviews. I am pretty exhausted. I am not even able to ensure the deadlines of my customers order. Let alone my own work. And I wanted so hard to draw at least one Aldo each day, to train his rendering. Shit!
Today was the first day in ages I could do that.
So "daily Aldo" is now "weekly Aldo" at its best.

Don't get me wrong: I still enjoy my job very much. Its an unique and fascinating project. But it is also very challenging.