mercredi, février 20, 2013

On the Road again

Our Boss rented a car, so I don't have to use mine when we visit the people we are interviewing.  We try to make most of our Interviews within the period while we have that car. So Vosgian State will not pay the rent fo a car parked at my house.

This means that we are now fully involved in travelling. Today was finally a day I could rest a bit. Tomorrow we will drive to a faraway town for new visits and interviews. I am pretty exhausted. I am not even able to ensure the deadlines of my customers order. Let alone my own work. And I wanted so hard to draw at least one Aldo each day, to train his rendering. Shit!
Today was the first day in ages I could do that.
So "daily Aldo" is now "weekly Aldo" at its best.

Don't get me wrong: I still enjoy my job very much. Its an unique and fascinating project. But it is also very challenging.

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