mercredi, mars 20, 2013


Daily Aldo:

It may come as a surprise for those who know how naughty I am, ;-) but it's the very first time I drew him naked.
While there are plenty of Photos depicting JFK shirtless or just with a bathing short, I didn't see one Photo of Aldo Moro that isn't a model of chastity yet : Not even a single button left open. It may sound odd, but I feel a bit like a rapist for forcing him to show in the nude. But then, that's art for you: Merciless. Lusty.
At least I left him a little hanky to cover the essentials. We will go on gently.
One would think that his anatomy can just be guessed because of the available photograph pool I mentioned. Well, not exactly. There is a very accurate and "scientific" drawing of his corpse on the autopsy table.

Believe me, I really would have preferred a nude picture of him being alive and kicking.

It's very clear he didn't had the body of a young man anymore. Very thin legs and arms and a bit more rounded torso. The typical shape of old Gentlemen. But the skinny body parts, such as the extremely thin hands and fingers may also have been a symptom of the maligner tumor that was discovered inside him at the autopsy.

dimanche, mars 17, 2013


One of the most precious things my job brought to me, aside of the cool project, the two best colleagues I ever had in my life and a little more money, are the countless contacts I made. I met an art and festival society whose chief really enjoys my work. Yesterday we went together and made plans all for marketing "Kennedys Vendetta" when it will be out. 

And not only him. I met a lot of Journalists, Art Directors and others who are willing to help me and my work. So this Book will get on the market with a very different start than all previous ones I made.

If there wouldn't be such a hard economic crisis here, I'd probably  really make it now...

mercredi, mars 13, 2013


I am progessing with "Kennedys Vendetta". I am in the last quarter of the Story, the most dramatic one, and therefore the most interesting for me to draw.

The above pic shows a memory, therefore I used a slightly different technique: No ink outlines, just color pencil and Ecolines.

It is a crucial scenery, both in historical reality as in the fiction of "Kennedys Vendetta". 

At a given moment, some members of the Terrorist Group started to fraternize with Aldo Moro, questionning the sense and legitimacy of their action. Especially one woman had more and more difficulties to bear Moro's suffering and tried to comfort him, even suggested to let him go. 
This Woman was also the model for the character "Chiara" in the fictonal / fantasy Film "Bongiorno Notte", which draws possible alternative outcomings of the Aldo Moro Affair.

In "Kennedys Vendetta" this aspect is just a side note, even tough it is surely an interesting thing.

mardi, mars 12, 2013

End of Graphic Smash

Yesterday I got an email from Joe Manley, creator of the Moderntales family of Webcomics Sites.

Graphic Smash, their action related departement, where Antique White House is hosted  will shut down, which is very, very sad. 
I will consider a Webcomicsnation account. And I also applied at Emanata, which provides Comics for Tablett Computers, such as the Ipad and others. 
Application was accepted, so there will be soon the possibility to read AWH on your tablett. 

I will keep you informed.

vendredi, mars 01, 2013

Eating disorder

Please do not ask me what's going on here. I just don't know. It was a "pencil: On. Brain: Off" experiment. Featuring: Aldo Moro (left) and John F. Kennedy (right) and some unseapkable person in the background.
Forget it. Better.