mercredi, mars 13, 2013


I am progessing with "Kennedys Vendetta". I am in the last quarter of the Story, the most dramatic one, and therefore the most interesting for me to draw.

The above pic shows a memory, therefore I used a slightly different technique: No ink outlines, just color pencil and Ecolines.

It is a crucial scenery, both in historical reality as in the fiction of "Kennedys Vendetta". 

At a given moment, some members of the Terrorist Group started to fraternize with Aldo Moro, questionning the sense and legitimacy of their action. Especially one woman had more and more difficulties to bear Moro's suffering and tried to comfort him, even suggested to let him go. 
This Woman was also the model for the character "Chiara" in the fictonal / fantasy Film "Bongiorno Notte", which draws possible alternative outcomings of the Aldo Moro Affair.

In "Kennedys Vendetta" this aspect is just a side note, even tough it is surely an interesting thing.

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Sefarina a dit…

Wie immer hervorragend gezeichnet! Und das alles während der vielen Fahrerei, die du zur Zeit hast.

Ich nehme übrigens im April an einem virtuellen NaNo-Camp mit frei wählbarem Ziel teil, und würde mich sehr freuen dich wieder dabei zu haben. ^^

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Ich bin dabei!