mercredi, mars 20, 2013


Daily Aldo:

It may come as a surprise for those who know how naughty I am, ;-) but it's the very first time I drew him naked.
While there are plenty of Photos depicting JFK shirtless or just with a bathing short, I didn't see one Photo of Aldo Moro that isn't a model of chastity yet : Not even a single button left open. It may sound odd, but I feel a bit like a rapist for forcing him to show in the nude. But then, that's art for you: Merciless. Lusty.
At least I left him a little hanky to cover the essentials. We will go on gently.
One would think that his anatomy can just be guessed because of the available photograph pool I mentioned. Well, not exactly. There is a very accurate and "scientific" drawing of his corpse on the autopsy table.

Believe me, I really would have preferred a nude picture of him being alive and kicking.

It's very clear he didn't had the body of a young man anymore. Very thin legs and arms and a bit more rounded torso. The typical shape of old Gentlemen. But the skinny body parts, such as the extremely thin hands and fingers may also have been a symptom of the maligner tumor that was discovered inside him at the autopsy.

2 commentaires:

Sefarina a dit…

Das erste Nacktbild? Das überrascht mich wirklich.

Was für eine makabere Zeichenvorlage. Aber dann muss man als Zeichner eben nehmen was man kriegt.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Ja, leider. Nun, ich habe mir die Koerperform eingepraegt, das wars dann qber auch, mehr als noetig schaue ich mir das traurige Bild nicht an..