dimanche, mars 17, 2013


One of the most precious things my job brought to me, aside of the cool project, the two best colleagues I ever had in my life and a little more money, are the countless contacts I made. I met an art and festival society whose chief really enjoys my work. Yesterday we went together and made plans all for marketing "Kennedys Vendetta" when it will be out. 

And not only him. I met a lot of Journalists, Art Directors and others who are willing to help me and my work. So this Book will get on the market with a very different start than all previous ones I made.

If there wouldn't be such a hard economic crisis here, I'd probably  really make it now...

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Sefarina a dit…

Das klingt wundervoll!

Und wegen der Wirtschaftskrise würde ich mir keine Gedanken machen. Der internationale Buchhandel dachte auch, die Verkäufe würden durch die Depression einbrechen. Stattdessen wurde mehr gekauft.