mardi, avril 23, 2013

Contract reloaded

My Job will finish Next Monday. And well, I have almost the half of the illustrations still to do. Of course, I would not put down my pencils just because the contract has expired. Its a project and I'd work on it until it is finished.

But now...Our Boss asked the Vosgian Government (who pays us) if we could expand the contract. Today we got the answer: YES! I will have that Job for another 6 months!

It will give me a bit more time, for the deadline of the printer ends in 3 weeks, so we get additional time -  with none to waste, of course. Other that, Our Job will consist in distributing our book and plan a new one!

I am happy beyond description!!

I also got the dates of my thermal cure: July 4 until July 24 

jeudi, avril 18, 2013

New Cure!

Today I got the letter from my health insurance: The Thermal cure for this year has been aproved!

Remember last year, I had my very first thermal cure. And I was pretty sceptical if it would actually do more than exhausting me. Well, it did. This was the first winter with little or even no back pain.

So I can't wait to start this years cure, especially since experienced curists  say that you have to go trough  that 3 years in a row to fully benefit from the effect.

This year I will also get additinal treatment for heart problems. I am really happy about this.

lundi, avril 15, 2013

First Encounter

It has been a long time since I haven't wrote about my dreams here. But the one from last night certainly deserve it.
I dreamt of Aldo Moro - for  the very first time.
Yes, although the initial inspiration came last November, all the "connections" and inspirations went to me trough JFK, who was the "mediator". I sometimes saw Moro standing behind JFK. Often I had dreams with mysterious symbols and feelings where Aldo communicated in a way that can't be explained. There were visual impressions and emotions and deeply strange visions.

Last night, He finally managed to talk to me "normally" and in a clear  manner.
I was in his house. There  were a lot of his family members, too. I had offered them a drawing and I saw that they hanged it up on a wall, in the middle of two other pictures. There was a big black and white drawing showing an owl and a snake that they had made and that they intended to offer me in return. 
A young woman showed me a drawing she made(?) of a starry sky where demons and knights fight each other. It was a strange but beautiful picture.

Finally Aldo came to me and said that when drawing him, I make a mistake in the upper eye area. He explained what and showed me what I should change. It was not a harsh critique, but a set of kind advices. 

You can be assured that I will work hard to get Aldos instructions into practice.

The experience  reminds me of the earlier days when I learned to draw JFK and was so desperate about me failing at it. I then also had a dream where JFK told me how to manage the problem.

And now, this! what a dream!
The dream was somehow announced by another phenomenon: Remember when I wrote that I can't render Moros special language? Yesterday evening, when I wrote on the "Ballad" script, I suddenly had the inspiration for a phrase he says in the Story and of which I spontaneously thought: "well, that's him. That's truly the way he would say this.

So I think that the inspirational flow has evolved onto a higher level now. I feel like I gained more of his trust. He who has lost it all, according to what JFK says.
My sincere wish toward the universe or any instance that is managing this: May he send me more of his typical phrases and reflections if he feels like communicating them and may he not hesitate to correct me, if I don't draw him like I should.

samedi, avril 06, 2013

Vendetta finished

Yesterday I finished the last panel of "Kennedys Vendetta".
Another story done, and I am pretty happy about it. The French version will be the first going to the printer followed by the German Version shortly after.

I started that story in November last year and went trough it from first draft and ideas up to the finished book within 5 months. That is pretty fast. It was a wonderful time, for there were  a lot of new and thrilling aspects for me to discover.

Everytime when I finish a work, I have a sort of depression, which is the dark side of the deal. This time, all while I do feel a bit sore, its not that strong. This is probably due to the fact that I am already working on the Sequel of "Vendetta":  the "Ballad of John and Aldo." Yes, the title is a little irony on the Beatles Song title "The Ballad of John and Yoko" ;-)

The main challenge in "Vendetta" was to make it halfway plausible why JFK looses himself this deeply in his revenge trip.To be true, this doesn't really fit his personality. He was an emotional man, but could control his feelings very well, up to a point that he even appeared to be a little cold, sometimes. In this story, he surrenders to very basic and elementary emotions of hate and desperation.

The challenge in "The ballad of John and Aldo"  will be to portray Aldo Moro. In "Vendetta" Aldo is merely a memory and does not act by himself. In "Ballad" he does. Moro had a very unique language, a way to express himself trough poetic and sometimes cryptic phrases. I am afraid I could not copy that. Also because the reader has to understand what he says. So I just let him speak in a very distinctive and gentle way, with no gross words ;-)

Of course, I will share the whole creative process of that story here, too.

But meanwhile, I celeberate the soon release of "Kennedys Vendetta". The two pics in this post are out of  "Vendetta".