mardi, avril 23, 2013

Contract reloaded

My Job will finish Next Monday. And well, I have almost the half of the illustrations still to do. Of course, I would not put down my pencils just because the contract has expired. Its a project and I'd work on it until it is finished.

But now...Our Boss asked the Vosgian Government (who pays us) if we could expand the contract. Today we got the answer: YES! I will have that Job for another 6 months!

It will give me a bit more time, for the deadline of the printer ends in 3 weeks, so we get additional time -  with none to waste, of course. Other that, Our Job will consist in distributing our book and plan a new one!

I am happy beyond description!!

I also got the dates of my thermal cure: July 4 until July 24 

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Gleich zwei gute Nachrichten hintereinander, fast ein Grund Übermütig zu werden ;)
Nee, schöne Sache, freut mich für dich :)