lundi, avril 15, 2013

First Encounter

It has been a long time since I haven't wrote about my dreams here. But the one from last night certainly deserve it.
I dreamt of Aldo Moro - for  the very first time.
Yes, although the initial inspiration came last November, all the "connections" and inspirations went to me trough JFK, who was the "mediator". I sometimes saw Moro standing behind JFK. Often I had dreams with mysterious symbols and feelings where Aldo communicated in a way that can't be explained. There were visual impressions and emotions and deeply strange visions.

Last night, He finally managed to talk to me "normally" and in a clear  manner.
I was in his house. There  were a lot of his family members, too. I had offered them a drawing and I saw that they hanged it up on a wall, in the middle of two other pictures. There was a big black and white drawing showing an owl and a snake that they had made and that they intended to offer me in return. 
A young woman showed me a drawing she made(?) of a starry sky where demons and knights fight each other. It was a strange but beautiful picture.

Finally Aldo came to me and said that when drawing him, I make a mistake in the upper eye area. He explained what and showed me what I should change. It was not a harsh critique, but a set of kind advices. 

You can be assured that I will work hard to get Aldos instructions into practice.

The experience  reminds me of the earlier days when I learned to draw JFK and was so desperate about me failing at it. I then also had a dream where JFK told me how to manage the problem.

And now, this! what a dream!
The dream was somehow announced by another phenomenon: Remember when I wrote that I can't render Moros special language? Yesterday evening, when I wrote on the "Ballad" script, I suddenly had the inspiration for a phrase he says in the Story and of which I spontaneously thought: "well, that's him. That's truly the way he would say this.

So I think that the inspirational flow has evolved onto a higher level now. I feel like I gained more of his trust. He who has lost it all, according to what JFK says.
My sincere wish toward the universe or any instance that is managing this: May he send me more of his typical phrases and reflections if he feels like communicating them and may he not hesitate to correct me, if I don't draw him like I should.

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keenast a dit…

So fascinating! The dream world still is very much unexplored......the fertile ground for our lives.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Keenast fertile grounds for our lives - this is a good description!:

l'actrice a dit…

It's fascinating and you can be sure to always follow your dreams:-)